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Mar 1, 2024

The Opportunity

The Asian Pacific Islander American Health Forum (APIAHF) has experienced explosive growth in the last three years. It is a time of exciting impact, expansion, and possibility. APIAHF, founded in 1986, is the oldest and largest health advocacy organization working with Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) communities in the nation dedicated to improving the health and well-being of more than 20 million Asian Americans.

Juliet K. Choi, J.D., was named president and CEO in the fall of 2020, the fourth CEO in the organization’s 37-year history. Under her leadership, APIAHF has rapidly scaled, tripling its budget from $4.8 million to $15 million and increasing its partner organizations from 90 to over 180 nonprofits.

APIAHF is also the CDC’s primary partner for COVID vaccine information for the Asian American (AA), Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (NHPI) communities. APIAHF accomplishes its work by influencing and shaping policy at a national and local level, mobilizing communities for change, and strengthening local organizations to be impactful advocates in their communities. It is both a leader and a convenor. By providing grants, training, technical assistance, and capacity building, APIAHF is also a source of key resources so that communities can mobilize and grow stronger in their coalitions and organizational structures.

The U.S. Asian population is the fast-growing racial or ethnic group, projected to reach 46 million by 2060. With a new chapter of racial reckoning in the United States and the need to counter anti-Asian hate, APIAHF is prime to continue its rapid growth and impact. The organization seeks a proven executive to serve as Chief Operating Officer (COO) to accomplish this.

The Mandate

The COO has an exciting mandate to rebuild the infrastructure using technology and clearly defined processes to bring operational excellence to APIAHF to support its continued growth. The COO will be a strategic thought partner to the CEO and Senior Executive Team.

The COO will:

• Provide Vision and Leadership

The COO will create an operational framework that supports the organization’s current and future opportunities while enhancing efficiency, effectiveness and impact. The COO will provide oversight and define the vision of the CEO into internal organization policy and operations.

• Scale the Organization in a Sustainable Fashion

An experienced leader with strong financial skills, the COO will design and implement plans and systems to articulate and measure the organization’s annual and long-term goals and achievements. Using technology, the COO will assess and provide oversight to all software, CRM systems integration and enhancements.

• Drive Operational Integrity

The COO will update the design and operation of the critical functions that permit the organization to achieve its mission, including finance, human resources, information technology, physical and cyber security, legal and compliance, and manage day-to-day operations.

As the primary liaison to the Finance and Audit Committees of the Board of Directors, the COO will ensure sound financial forecasting, accountability, and sound legal and compliance management.

The COO will also ensure that all key support services operate effectively and efficiently.

• Champion the Team

The COO will build knowledge and depth with the operational teams and foster a continuous learning and process improvement culture. This includes a focus on strong human resource management to include:

• Recruit and retain top talent, build, and lead cohesive and effective teams.

• Support the execution of the organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy.

• Strategically align annual budget goals with staffing requirements.

• Connect front-line and functional support teams to the organization’s overarching mission, enabling colleagues to see how their work enables high-impact programmatic work in the nation.

• Coach, motivate, and ensure professional growth and development of finance, human resources, and administrative staff.

The Candidate

The ideal candidate will bring experience building and leading a growth-oriented organization. The COO will be committed to the mission of APIAHF and excited by the mandate to scale and grow the organization for even greater impact. The ideal candidate will have the following traits.

Professional experience:

• Experience as a Chief Operating Officer of a nonprofit organization with assets over $15M.

• Significant experience managing the financial assets and human resources required to successfully drive a mission-driven non-profit’s operations.

• Expertise with federal grant oversight and grants management. • Proven ability to conduct talent assessment & provide professional development opportunities.

• Demonstrated tangible accomplishments to:

- Design, implement, and evaluate annual and long-term operational plans, timelines, and budgets for an organization that operates in multiple locations.

- Identify, prioritize, and address complex legal, compliance, and security issues for a high-profile advocacy organization.

- Expertise in creating a cohesive workforce and overseeing a talent management plan to recruit, retain, and develop a missiondriven team.

- Resolving operational challenges inherent in a leanly operated environment.

- Adapting to different audiences and cultures, and nurturing equity and inclusion.

Personal assets:

• Deeply rooted financial competency and administrative expertise. • A proven leader who is process driven and constantly strives for improvement.

• Demonstrated High Emotional EQ.

• Excellent written, verbal communication, and presentation skills.

• Independent thinker who has sound judgment, is a thought-partner and takes initiative as a hands-on decision-maker.

• Integrity and commitment to financial transparency and accountability.

• Ability to maintain a diplomatic and effective approach even when dealing with multi-party stakeholder and urgent situations.

• Sophisticated level of business and operational acumen; excellent problem-solving and analytic skills, resourcefulness in setting priorities and guiding investment in people and systems.

• High energy with exuberance and a proven engaged, motivational leadership style.

The Organization

APIAHF believes that all persons have the right to be healthy, the right to live in a thriving community, and the right to quality, affordable, and accessible comprehensive health care. It envisions a world where all people share responsibility and take action to ensure healthy and vibrant communities for current and future generations. Its work is both national and local. At the national level APIAHF works to influence policy, leveraging its 37-year history and the CEO’s strong connections within the Administration.

It works at the local level with community partners to build, strengthen and increase advocacy. APIAHF provides policy and political analysis, research and data support, and effective communication strategies. It also provides grants, training, technical assistance, and consulting. These resources are key to ensuring communities can mobilize and strengthen their coalitions and organizational structures. APIAHF has three primary focus areas:




APIAHF accomplishes these focus areas by:

Influencing and Shaping Policies that Impact AANHPI Communities APIAHF works with partners from local communities to influence local, state and federallevel public policy. Its presence and partnerships in Washington, D.C. allow it to shape federal policies that impact AANHPI communities across the nation by expanding access, improving quality, and advancing health equity.

Mobilizing Communities Across the Nation for Change APIAHF engages community leaders across the country, including community public health organizations and social justice advocates, on national and state issues to address health challenges in their backyard, rally against harmful policies, organize around healthy practices, and call on policymakers to improve the health of its communities.

Strengthening Programs and Organizations APIAHF strengthens local and regional community organizations by providing the tools, skills, training, technical assistance, and organizational capacity building needed to empower them to be stronger advocates in their communities. The organization has a committed, growing staff of 25. While the staff has a “virtual from anywhere” work policy. APIAHF maintains a Washington, D.C. office and recently opened its headquarter office in San Francisco.  The intent is to use the California space for in-person meetings and convenings.

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Mar 1, 2024

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