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I have thought carefully about where to invest my time and money. I put my Harvard Masters on hold in order to be more involved in the CoS Network.

Angela Gray

Chief of Staff @ MMA Global

Angela White

Get access to a braintrust of peers, exclusive events, skills development, & more.

Chief of Staff Network Slack Communit

Get bespoke guidance from 900+ members

Within our exclusive Slack community, you'll get personalized solutions to your business challenges, straight from seasoned Chiefs of Staff who've excelled at Microsoft, Lattice, Carta, and more!

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Attend exclusive events

We host frequent, interactive events to connect you with fellow members for mentorship, problem solving, and forging connections in what can otherwise be a solitary journey.

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Sharpen your skills

Supercharge your operational skills with our variety of self-serve and cohort-based courses.

Chief of Staff Network Live Webinars, events, summits and braintrusts

Receive free consulting

As a CoS Network member, you can access our consulting hotline; our staff is here to support you on topics like fraud prevention, OKR mastery, account management, and more!

Chief of Staff Network Networking

Develop thought leadership

We frequently spotlight our members' achievements through blog features, Knowledge Hub contributions, and community talks, increasing their public profile in front of our 17,000+ followers!

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Deploy tactics on-demand

Explore our Knowledge Hub for expert insights on business challenges, such as annual planning, project management, DEI, and stellar All Hands meetings.

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Private Slack with 900+ Chiefs of Staff, Active Daily

Private Knowledge Hub with Tools & Resources

CoS Pods (Monthly Mastermind Cohorts)

Chief of Staff Courses ($510+ value)

Discounted Summit Tickets ($179 value per ticket)

Virtual & IRL Events (Webinars, Happy Hours, Dinners)

Access to Past Event Recordings

Tactical Guides (e.g. Annual Planning, Deck Prep, etc)

Consulting Helpline ($370 per hour value)

First Access to Research Reports & Data


  • Scholarships are available upon request - learn more here.
  • Employers frequently cover membership dues. Use this guide to request L&D budget.
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Praise from Members

Here are a handful of testimonials from our satisfied members.

The Chief of Staff Network has allowed me to build meaningful relationships with industry professionals, as well as learn from other Chiefs of Staff in a safe and productive space.
Conor Sweeney

Conor Sweeney

Chief of Staff, Box

The Chief of Staff Network has been an invaluable resource since the day I started the role. Through monthly sessions discussing CoS related topics, or just having a support group with shared experience, the community has been one of the centerpieces of my tenure as a Chief of Staff.
Leland Chamlin

Leland Chamlin

Chief of Staff, Bowery Farming

The Chief of Staff Network is the preeminent one-stop shop for impactful Chief of Staff resources, relationship building, and knowledge sharing. The talented members of this community provide invaluable job insights to one another, forging career-changing connections for years to come.
Tyler Young

Tyler Young

Chief of Staff to the CFO, Braze

The CoS Network brings a group of solution oriented minds together into an environment set up for collaboration and sharing of best practices. The role can be ambiguous and challenging- participating in this community of support means being able to share what you know and accelerate your impact as you lean on others’ learnings. The experience has been an invaluable investment in my career.
Mary Kate Sinha

Mary Kate Sinha

Chief of Staff at Plastiq

This community has been a wonderful benefit to me personally as I've continued to grow in the role and coached others.
Stephen Olmstead

Stephen Olmstead

fmr VP, Chief of Staff at InVision

This group is invaluable for anyone that wants to succeed at a scaling start-up in a Chief of Staff role. No matter what challenge is thrown at you in the role (and you will see it all), someone in the group has been through it and can provide great insight into how they tackled the issue.
Mike Maseda

Mike Maseda

Chief of Staff at Prompt

I recently joined the Chief of Staff Network and have already made some amazing connections. When you're a chief of staff, you're often the only person in the company with that job title -- the COS Network has people in your shoes, and it's a great place for advice, brainstorming, and community. Highly recommend!
David Burt

David Burt

Chief Of Staff at Atlantic Media

The Chief of Staff Network has been a blessing as I ventured into a unique position that was new - not only for myself but also for SumUp. Having access to this community makes my life easier as we’re all facing similar challenges and can freely exchange on ideas and solutions.
Jacques Hoerter

Jacques Hoerter

Chief of Staff at SumUp

I came across Chief of Staff Network when considering the CoS role for the first time and found the content about the role was so helpful, I immediately became a member when I officially started the position. The content and connections continued to be invaluable throughout my entire CoS journey, so much so that I was able to work myself out of the job and into a founder role faster than I anticipated. Highly recommend!
Katie Murphy

Katie Murphy

fmr Chief of Staff at HackerU

Join the preeminent global community of 900+ CoS

Join the authoritative community for accomplished Chiefs of Staff who want to empower their principals and teams through professional development, tactical resources, and access to a trusted peer community.

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Ali Sardinia
Katie Murphy - Chief of Staff Network Member
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Here are the most common questions we receive. If you have any further questions, the best thing to do is apply! As part of the application process, you'll chat with someone on our team and have a forum for any further questions.

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Who should join the Chief of Staff Network?

The Chief of Staff Network is for professionals actively serving in a Chief of Staff position. We also serve those who do CoS work but may not have the title, such as PMO Lead, Director of Special Projects, Head of Ops, etc.

Alumni - If you used to be a Chief of Staff, we’d love to speak with you. Contact Us.

Who are the current members of the Chief of Staff Network?

The Chief of Staff Network is a professional community designed to support Chiefs of Staff from various industries, primarily focusing on those in technology startups and fast-growing companies. The network boasts over 900 members who actively engage in daily discussions through a private Slack channel, access a rich knowledge hub, participate in mastermind cohorts, and benefit from various educational resources and events.

What are some of the things I can expect from my membership?

Our community meets in an atmosphere of confidentiality, respect and trust to learn from one another and exchange ideas. We are a unique group of operators & generalists working to build world-class companies. We help each other dig into real situations impacting our businesses, people, culture and careers everyday.

Your membership includes the following:

  • Access to Chief of Staff Network knowledge base & online community
  • Access to events & roundtable discussions
  • Access to Slack community with 900+ members
  • Access to Courses: CoS Fundamentals, Email Productivity, Vendor Selection, Job Search, and Cold Outreach, with more to come.

    ...and much more!
How much does membership cost?

All memberships are annual subscriptions. A 1-year membership costs $950 per year when paid upfront but may be paid monthly at $95/mo. We believe that investing in accelerating your career is one of the most meaningful decisions that you can make.

Can I get reimbursed by my company?

Many of our members’ companies view this cost as a learning and development investment for their Chief of Staff. We have a L&D reimbursement guide to share with decision-makers at your company.

Any questions? Email Rahul Desai at

How does the application process work?

The first step is to submit an application. This helps us to get to know you better and understand your goals.

We review and approve members on a rolling basis. You could expect to hear from us in less than 5 business days.

How much time should I expect to invest to get the most out of the Network?

We understand that everyone’s personal and professional lives can be unpredictable. If you’re participating in a CoS Pod or a course, you should expect to spend 2-3 hours per week on the material and live sessions for the duration of the program. All other roundtables and events are optional to join and we record many of our sessions for future reference!

Any questions? Email us at

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Our live events are designed to provide valuable insights and foster meaningful connections.

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Our programs are tailored to empower Chiefs of Staff with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

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Empower your principal and team through professional development, tactical resources, and access to a trusted peer community.

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