Navigation Track Benefits

A cohort program designed specifically to jumpstart or refresh your Chief of Staff career.

Defined role

Rapid onboarding

Path to level up

New connections

Frameworks & Templates

The Navigation Track is the ideal starting point for all Chiefs of Staff at any level of your career.

Over 4 weeks, you'll leverage a range of tools and mental models and participate in exercises that will enable you to quickly strengthen your relationship with your Principal and teams, build clarity around your responsibilities and position within the organization, identify opportunities to help you level up as a leader, and foster new connections with other top Chiefs of Staff.


This program is suitable for new and established Chiefs of Staff that are eager to learn how to accelerate their careers and teams. The Navigation Track includes 2 live, facilitated cohort sessions and content delivered to your inbox to leverage at your own pace. You'll get access to the thinking and insights of dozens of current and former Chiefs of Staff that contributed to the design of this Track.


Peer-to-peer cohort

Discover career path options in real-time

Learn from Former Chief of Staff Leaders

What you'll learn

Week 1
Building a base with your principal

Building a strong trusted relationship with your principal is the foundation of a successful Chief of Staff career. We’ll give you actionable strategies to strengthen your relationship, show you how to get early wins, and define your constantly evolving role.

Week 2
Understanding & Communicating your purpose

Highly focused monthly roundtable sessions organized around business, operational, and product challenges. Dedicated pods give members exposure to new people, companies and opinions on their most relevant business needs.

Week 3
Learning how to Operate

Succeeding as a Chief of Staff requires a strong awareness of what’s going on across the organization and an understanding of where your skills and time are best leveraged. We’ll share mental models and frameworks to help you build your CoS operating portfolio and get your Exec team working well together.

Week 4
Getting to steady state

Ambiguity in your current performance and future career path can kill productivity and morale. Learn from other Chiefs of Staff how to measure performance and how to successfully level up in the role or navigate to a new position.

Who is this Track designed for?

New Chiefs of Staff 

First-time Chiefs of Staff that want to maximize their experience and effectiveness in the role. Accelerate your career path with this unique position.

Established Chiefs of Staff 

Level up your skill set to maximize your value as a Chief of Staff and increase your potential to transition to other leadership roles in the future.

What Chiefs of Staff are saying

The mental models and frameworks were fantastic! Having a practical resource that I can go back to is really helpful. It was also great to hear about the experiences of more seasoned CoS' -- I found that to be particularly helpful for both new insights, and validation on my approaches/thinking.

Sara Zabukovec

Sara Zabukovec

fmr Chief of Staff at A Cloud Guru

Tangible products to take away from these sessions were very useful. While great to have the ‚Äúthink big‚ÄĚ conversations, it was also very nice to be able to walk away and come BACK to a real template or written framework to guide/reference.

Justin Shore

Justin Shore

Chief of Staff, FirstNet Authority

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