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Danny  Schreiber

Danny Schreiber

Chief of Staff to CMO at Zapier

Brittany  Hillard

Brittany Hillard

Chief of Staff, CCO at WalkMe

Emily  Smith

Emily Smith

Chief of Staff at Lattice

Christian Keil

Christian Keil

Chief of Staff at Astranis

Priya Monga

Priya Monga

Chief of Staff to the CEO at Instacart

Alexis  Teixeira

Alexis Teixeira

Deputy Chief of Staff to the CEO; Chief of Staff to the CPO at Carta

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Get tailored help from 600+ CoS

In our private Slack community, you can get bespoke solutions to your business problems from people who have been there before at top companies including Google, Lattice, Twilio and many others.

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Match 1:1 with other members

As a benefit of membership, we match you with other members for mentorship, discussing shared industries, sharing your skills, and building connection in what can be an otherwise lonely role.

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Sharpen your skills

We offer self-serve and cohort-based courses to help improve operational skills. Popular courses include Fundamentals, about situating oneself in the CoS role, and Roadmap which covers email productivity, cold outreach, strategic thinking, analytics & more.

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Receive free consulting

As a member of the CoS Network, you get access to our consulting helpline. Call or text us for assistance with any business problem. We've aided folks with fraud mitigation, OKRs, account management, and much more.

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Build your reputation

We are always happy to promote our members' work, whether it's a post on our blog, a resource for our Knowledge Hub, or giving a talk to our community. We love helping CoS grow their reputation by highlighting them to our 10k+ social followers.

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Deploy tactics on-demand

Our Knowledge Hub contains all of our tactical knowhow around solving common business problems, such as annual planning, project management, DEI, and running great All Hands.

Member Testimonials

When you're a chief of staff, you're often the only person in the company with that job title -- the COS Network has people in your shoes, and it's a great place for advice, brainstorming, and community. Highly recommend!

David Burt

fmr Chief of Staff at The Atlantic

I came across Chief of Staff Network when considering the CoS role for the first time and found the content about the role was so helpful, I immediately became a member when I officially started the position. The content and connections continued to be invaluable throughout my entire CoS journey, so much so that I was able to work myself out of the job and into a founder role faster than I anticipated. Highly recommend!

Katie Murphy

Katie Murphy

fmr Chief of Staff at HackerU

The Chief of Staff Network has been a blessing as I ventured into a unique position that was new - not only for myself but also for SumUp. Having access to this community makes my life easier as we’re all facing similar challenges and can freely exchange on ideas and solutions.

Jacques Hoerter

Jacques Hoerter

Chief of Staff at SumUp

This group is invaluable for anyone that wants to succeed at a scaling start-up in a Chief of Staff role. No matter what challenge is thrown at you in the role (and you will see it all), someone in the group has been through it and can provide great insight into how they tackled the issue.

Mike Maseda

Mike Maseda

Chief of Staff at Prompt

This community has been a wonderful benefit to me personally as I've continued to grow in the role and coached others.

Stephen Olmstead

Stephen Olmstead

VP, Chief of Staff at InVision

The CoS Network brings a group of solution oriented minds together into an environment set up for collaboration and sharing of best practices. The role can be ambiguous and challenging- participating in this community of support means being able to share what you know and accelerate your impact as you lean on others’ learnings. The experience has been an invaluable investment in my career.

Mary Kate Sinha

Mary Kate Sinha

Chief of Staff at Plastiq

The Chief of Staff Network is the preeminent one-stop shop for impactful Chief of Staff resources, relationship building, and knowledge sharing. The talented members of this community provide invaluable job insights to one another, forging career-changing connections for years to come.

Tyler Young

Tyler Young

Chief of Staff to the CFO, Braze

The Chief of Staff Network has allowed me to build meaningful relationships with industry professionals, as well as learn from other Chiefs of Staff in a safe and productive space.

Conor Sweeney

Conor Sweeney

Chief of Staff, Box

The Chief of Staff Network has been an invaluable resource since the day I started the role. Through monthly sessions discussing CoS related topics, or just having a support group with shared experience, the community has been one of the centerpieces of my tenure as a Chief of Staff.

Leland Chamlin

Leland Chamlin

Chief of Staff, Bowery Farming

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