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Chief of Staff Leveling Framework v2

Chief of Staff Leveling Framework™ has brought clarity and structure to the CoS role. By establishing clear stages of progression and associated competencies, the framework has helped: CoS themselves: Define their career path and set expectations around growth Hiring Managers: Support recruitment and retention by aligning the desired role with market standards for that level HR: Create benchmarks for the role to enable training and development The Company: Understand what is in- vs. out-of-scope for the Chief of Staff to work on and how to best collaborate with them
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Chief of Staff Salary Report 2023

As usual, this report exists to assist current and future Chiefs of Staff in understanding their market value and advocating for fair pay. Our research considered the specific factors that heavily impact Chief of Staff compensation, including years of experience, CoS level, company stage/size, gender, location, and more.
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Where do Chiefs of Staff Come From? Unveiling 4 Common Personas

Curious about where Chiefs of Staff come from? Dive into 4 personas revealing common pathways to this role, graded by our Leveling Framework. Meet Alex, Rob, Nikhil, and Mary—each embodying distinct experiences. These personas are distilled from our community of 900+ CoS, offering perspective on the diverse trajectories that lead to the Chief of Staff role.
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Chief of AI? The Playbook for Chiefs of Staff to Expand their Portfolio

In the era of AI, companies must move faster and smarter to exploit the opportunities in front of them. Chiefs of Staff are perfectly positioned to lead the charge, with the strategic insight, deep relationships with the executive team, and operational chops to see complex projects to completion.
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Chief of Staff Pathways Report 2023

This report analyzed 400 Chief of Staff "alumni" to assist current and future Chiefs of Staff in understanding their possible career pathways and advocating to achieve them. We collected a lot of data regarding CoS who moved onto another role and considered demographic factors such as gender, location, and education, as well as the seniority levels, functions, and roles that these graduates find themselves in today.