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Austin Crouse

Chief of Staff at Every Mother

Brooklyn, NY

It's never too early to start documenting processes to make them more repeatable.

Anna Dailey

Chief of Staff at Coco

Originally from the Bay Area, now living in Santa Monica

Every person you meet knows something you don't. Never pass up on opportunity to learn.

Keren Tomer

Chief of Staff at Augury

Haifa (Israel) / NYC

People and relationship are key; Focus on listening and providing value to build trust.

Patrick Hinkson

Chief of Staff at Stitcher

Solomon Zacharia

Chief of Staff at Tugende


Alignment with your executive goes a long way in terms being able to prioritise and add value

Anand Karasi

Chief of Staff at Glider AI, Inc.

San Francisco Bay Area

If you are B2B check the companies visiting your website. Those companies are prospective buyers. Ask me how to get that list.

Jessica Jensen

Vice President & Chief of Staff at Young America’s Foundation

Alexandria, Virginia

Never be afraid to admit when you are wrong and/or need help at work and in life.

Annie Wang

Chief of Staff at IQVIA

New York

The best thing a COS can do is to be a strong gatekeeper and be the eyes and ears for your boss.

Serda Evren

Chief of Staff to Craig Vosburg, Chief Product Officer at Mastercard

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Juliet Kaplan

Chief of Staff at Decent Labs

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

If you hire good people into a broken system, it doesn’t fix the system, it breaks the people! -Jez Humble

Brittany Sheehy

Chief of Staff to the Dean at the College of Nursing at University of South Florida

Tampa, FL

Relationships matter!

Tascia Pregno

Global Patient Safety Evaluation, Partnership Operations Lead at Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Boston, MA

Take time to get the know the people in the organization who are the business decision makers.

Marko Jelavic

Chief of Staff at NorthOne

Montreal, Canada

Your mission is to empower the Founder(s) any way you can to ensure that they are free to do what they do best

Emily Eshman

Chief of Staff and Head of Social Impact at Landed, Inc.


Not sure my tips qualify as "pro" just yet, but creating space for step-backs with your CEO.

Sibi Murugesan

Chief of Staff (also Head of Platform) at Earnest Capital


Only a few weeks in but have the team build their "User Manuals!" Very insightful!

Stephanie Parker

Chief of Staff to Chief Marketing & Growth Officer at AT&T

Dallas, TX

As the right hand to the C-suite and the Organization Operations Excellence Driver, know your strengths and surround yourself with experts from the team that can deliver in areas that you don’t.

Teck Wei Tan

Chief of Staff at Nurole


Extreme ownership: you own success or failure, there is no one else to blame.

Maxwell Hourigan

Chief of Staff at Nolan Transportation Group

Atlanta, GA

Embrace the chaos as an inevitability then prioritize and execute.

Laurien Verster

Chief of Staff EMEA at UiPath

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Establish trust based relationships throughout the org

Doug Bernard

Chief of Staff & Product Lead at HomeWorks Energy


Be curious, open minded, and people loving!

Nikki Forbes

Chief of Staff, Marketing at DataDirect Networks & Tintri by DDN

El Dorado Hills

Be a leader with respect and kindness

Casey Smirniotopoulos

Global Marketing Chief of Staff at Ekata


Do not rely on your principle to give you authority--build your own relationships and respect

Jack Weinberger

Chief of Staff at Humming Homes

New York

Listen more, talk less. Enter each meeting with the goal of discovering, not impressing

Cassie Ammons

Chief of Staff at insightsoftware

Raleigh, NC

You don't have to do it all, you just have to get it done RIGHT.

Dan Rohtbart

Senior Director of Engineering at Foursquare

New York

Touch typing, and the ability to take stenographic notes while also thinking about the topic at hand

Martina Stokes

Chief of Staff at Fiberplane


Zoom out regularly to take stock of the wind, and gently nudge the CEO's set of the sail

Kristina Francisco

Chief of Staff at Hugging Face

Brooklyn, NY

Don't focus on the solution, first understand the desired outcomes.

Audrey Nuk

Chief of Staff and senior advisor at Public Health Agency - public sector

Ottawa, Canada

If you’re seeing a gap, step up and do your best to fill it.

Damien Ryan

Director of Engineering (Strategy & Structure) at Featurespace

Cambridge, UK

Breathe! It's all on fire and moving quickly. Just do the next right thing.

Abhishek Panigrahi

Chief of Staff at Guidewheel

Remote for now (Cambridge, MA soon)

"Remember that you're more staff than chief" - The Gatekeepers

Vidhya Seetharaman

Chief of Staff to CTO at Swiggy


Have a coffee chat with as many people in the org as possible.You might need their help someday.

Andrew Grossman

Chief of Staff to the CEO at Bloomberg Media

New York

Putting the right people in a room together is highly underrated

Sangita Sharma

Head of Business Performance at Mollie


Allocate 1-2 hours every week to get to know other people in the organization. Expand your network!

Kathy Martin

Chief of Staff at Springfield College

Western Massachusetts

Solve the problem that needs solving, not the one that’s easy to solve.

Sravya Durbha

Director of Strategic Portfolio (technically a CoS role) at CareDx

South San Francisco

Always find a way to take your leader's request to the next level

Ruth Richards

Chief of Staff at TalkRemit


Listen to all ideas, no matter how junior the person. The best ideas can come from anywhere.

Katrina Borissova

Chief of Staff at Abbvie


Using a customer journey map with touchpoints for internal processes to identify opportunities and pre-empt business needs has been a life saver.

Nina Coolidge

Chief of Staff to the CEO at Abt Associates

Washington, DC

Someone once told me that the most successful CoS’ serve their organization 1st and their leader 2nd