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Marc Mercier

Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO at Botpress

Quebec, Canada

Always ask open-ended questions.

Sherrod Davis

Chief of Staff at Protenus


Memorialize and circulate an alignment strategy and refer to it at every opportunity.

Katya Levitan-Reiner

Chief of Staff & VP Strategy at Mursion

San Francisco (remote work, based in New York)

Listen; build relationships deep into the organization

Gia Fazio

Chief of Staff at Arcadia Biosciences

Davis, CA

Positive discontent - always search for improvement opportunities

Josh Levitt

Chief of Staff to the CEO at Blink Health

New York City

Don't be afraid to push back on ideas or approaches with which you don't agree

Ben Fogle

Chief of Staff to the CEO at Evident ID

Atlanta, GA

Understanding and utilizing the leverage you have via the CEO

Sergio Barajas

Chief of staff at Airtm

Mexico city

Be aware that this position is never fully defined or structured: this is a huge opportunity.

Katie Murphy

Chief of Staff & Head of Strategy at HackerU

Columbus, Ohio

Build trust among your leadership by finding ways to help them, put their needs before your own to start. How can you make their day to day a bit easier to build that bridge.

Dan Bailey

Chief of Staff at SEDNA


Inbox visibility with the CEO is a game changer (we use our own product for this!)

Daphne Shen

Chief of Staff at Baraja


Automate everything - Microsoft Flow, Zapier... makes you look awesome + superpowers efficiency!

Aditi Bhatia

Chief of Staff at Capitalize

New York

Schedule 1-1s with everyone on the team early on, it goes a long way towards building trust.

Angela Gray

Chief of Staff at MMA Global

Glasgow / New York

Be your own boss. Hold yourself accountable for delivering excellence and defining your standards.

Shirley Wu

Chief of Staff at Thayer Street Partners


Draft a plan for your first 30/60/90 days and make sure your team is aligned with your plan

Genevieve Owen

Chief of Staff to the Founders at Let's Do This


Prioritise important over urgent work for greater impact (and hire to elevate not delegate)

Audrey Krezmer

Chief of Staff at Kindbody

New York

Never let them see you sweat, maintain a smile and calm/positive demeanor

Lindsay Colbus

Executive Operations at Splice

New York City

Context is king. Make sure to create a communication loop that allows you to connect the dots.

Kelly-Ann Corrigan

Chief of Staff & Head of Operations at Heat Watch

Remote (Denver)

Lead through buy-in creation instead of authority.

Kate Kondrak

Chief of Staff at AWS at Amazon Web Services


Ask a lot of questions and LISTEN to the answer. Helps build trust and gain buy in.

Tanushree Sharma

Chief of Staff at Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Make friends with Or executives admin early on, and learn about your exec’s work style

Kate Panawek

Business Strategy & Operations Manager (CoS to CRO) at Dialpad

San Francisco

regularly chat w/ management, whether formally or informally, to get to know all pain points

Lucie Ondraschkova

Vice President, Chief of Staff at Ardea Partners

New York

Leverage your network to seek input on projects from various people to get to the best solution

Maggie Mullooly

Chief of Staff at Arcadia

Washington DC

Important: good relationships w your execs. Even more important: good relationship w their deputies

Adrianne Paulsen

Chief of Staff at Outside Inc.

SF Bay Area

Process, process, process. Organization and agility are key.

Lynn Cespedes

Chief of Staff to the CHRO at Autodesk

San Rafael

Remain courageous through all interactions - this can mean being vulnerable

Brandon Lewis

Chief of Staff at Grove Collaborative

San Francisco

Send out an agenda to every meeting, no matter how small

Philip Sorensen

Chief of Staff at Nova Credit

San Francisco

Get good at "farming"! You need to build scale by learning how to farm work from the organization.

Cynthia Del Pozo

Chief of Staff to Co-CEOs at theSkimm

New York

Relationships outside of the executive office are just as important as inside. Build these by asking people how you can be of help to them.

Allison Miller

Chief of Staff at AccessHealthcare


Be the most nimble, flexible and open to change leader in the room.

Lenny Rosenblatt

Chief of Staff at Full Picture

New York City

ensure and display alignment with your primary every day

Shreya Bhatt

Chief of Staff at Medic


Bring intentionality to the work, demonstrate humanity, build trust, & overcommunicate

Ernesto Freire

Chief of Staff and Senior Lead, Communications and Internal Management at Bloomberg Associates

New York City

Use objective criteria/data to explain actions and manage negotiations with clients/staff

Laura Leatherman

Chief of Staff at Moveworks

San Franciscoo

When joining a new company, meet with employees to understand the org before making any changes.

Katherine Walters

Chief of Staff at American Express

New York

I have a daily pipeline email with my leader and highlight updates accordingly

Austin Murtland

Chief of Staff at Kasa Living

Austin, TX

Be willing to adjust your style & responsibilities to help your CEO in whatever way possible!

Jacob Chai

Chief of Staff at Common

New York City

Be organized AF. Monitor the emotional level of the conversation and use that to ask good questions.