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Yasir Motiwala

Chief of Staff, EMEA Sales at Twilio Inc.


Only 1 month in so still trying to figure it out, but having a task list with the following has been extremely helpful for me thus far: 1. item 2. description 3. notes 4. hyperlinks 5. next follow up dates 6. next follow up step

Max Bray

Chief of Staff at Founders Forum


You're a catalyst, and should act like one; spread yourself broadly, always ask where you can be adding value, and don't get too bogged down in the operational weeds!

Lily Mintz

Chief of Staff at Bitly

New York

It's a myth that you can read your CEO's mind. (If you really can read minds... let's talk.) But you can learn the right questions to ask your CEO regularly that get you pretty damn close.

George Boyar

Chief of Staff at Mentor Collective

Boston | Remote

If you're doing the same thing for more than 2-4 weeks, this is probably a signal that a function is understaffed and you're caught in a sustaining role.

David O'Hara

Chief of Staff and Head of Business Operations at brightwheel

San Francisco

Listen first, and ask a lot of questions!

Leigh Jaffe

Chief of Staff at Nautilus Labs

New York

During rush hour, approach empty NYC subway cars with caution!

Conor Sweeney

Chief Of Staff to CFO and Global Finance at Box

Redwood City

Kick off any COS role with a "listening tour". In addition to getting to know the leader, get to know the team as quickly as possible. Getting caught up on the various nuances and quirks of an organization will help you craft your plan!

Justin Shore

Chief of Staff at FirstNet Authority

Washington, D.C.

Just keep swimming - some days are better than others, but keep the big picture in mind. I bet you're doing some pretty incredible things day-to-day when you step back for a second! Keep going.

Tyler Young

Senior Director, Business Operations & Chief of Staff to the CFO at Braze

New York

Don't you hate it when you ask someone for something and never hear back? How about when you realize a week later that you never heard back from them (AND you forgot to follow up with them)? To combat this from happening, I keep a "Waiting List" in addition to my "To-Do List." I work with a ton of cross-functional leaders around the globe, and so I am constantly waiting to hear back on their responses via email and Slack. So what do I do? Once something I am working on is in someone else's hands, I add that item to my Waiting List. Every morning before I get my day started, I refer back to the Waiting List to see what items I need to follow up on that day. The To-Do List/Waiting List combination provides me with the security of knowing what I need to do and what I need others to do for me.

Andrew Cornelia

VP, Chief of Staff at Volta Charging

San Francisco

Talk to everyone at your company! No, seriously, everyone. Whether you are just starting out or whether you are 6-12 months in, you should try and carve out at least 30 mins of time with as many people as possible. Ask what they do, listen to how they contribute to the business, and ask a few pointed questions, like "what is the company strategy", "what is the company culture", "where are the headwinds", "who are the inspirational leaders", etc. There is no better way to paint a holistic picture of an organization than by talking to the sum of its parts. Once you have that picture, go to work with your C-Suite team on ways to highlight and foster the good, and systematically course correct the bad.

Stephen Olmstead

Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO at InVision App

Mesa, AZ

Make your company values explicit via canonized principles. Weave those principles into EVERYTHING you do to create a shared framework for how decisions are made based on what you collectively value. Principles alignment can and should be attached to performance reviews, OKR planning, product roadmapping and more. You are what you do, not what you say.

Kunal Ahuja

Chief of Staff at Codecademy

New York

Varies a lot depending on the company, context and scope of the role. In my case, the team seems to benefit from me swinging between being paranoid/critical about our performance and being grateful and reassuring about our future outlook.

Hannah Ajmani

Chief of Staff at Group Nine Media

New York

Step 1: Find ways to make your boss's life easier (e.g., management reports, calendar audits, performance dashboards) Step 2: Once the format is locked, automate them! This frees up time to focus on the next big idea

Elizabeth Stockton

Chief of Staff at Kinnos

New York

Don't be afraid to speak up with your observations and propose changes / adjustments to your company's strategy or the CEO's tactics, especially early in your tenure.

Alexis Monville

Chief of Staff to the EMEA General Manager at Red Hat


Be crystal clear on your focus (Principal, Leadership Team, Organization) and get yourself OKRs that will drive your focus and impact :)

Lara Donahue

Chief of Staff at Amper Music

New York

Learn how to shuck oysters. 1) It'll provide perspective on what it means to get your hands dirty. 2) Oysters are delicious.

Nabeel Ali

VP, Chief of Staff to CEO at mParticle

New York

You're a leader of leaders. Trust is everything - with your executive partner and with the broader organization.

Jacques Hörter

Chief of Staff at SumUp


Active listening is probably the most underrated yet universally useful concepts I've come across over the years.

Ben Winokur

Chief of Staff at Passport

Charlotte, NC

Every minute you spend communicating context up, down, and across the organization is a minute well spent!

Penny Penati

Chief of Staff at Laka


You need to be proactive and find the missing gaps between leadership team and rest of the team

Johannes Olejnik

Business Development & Strategy Lead (about to convert to CoS title) at Afresh Technologies

San Francisco

Spend time with your CEO outside of the work relationship to build a deeper level of trust!

Jacqueline Blatt

Senior Director & Chief of Staff to CEO at Rent the Runway

New York

Nothing is more important than trust: others' trust in you and your own trust in yourself.

layla lyne-winkler

Chief of Staff (to the CEO) at Catch&Release, Inc.

San Francisco

Always have a Learning Mindset and be ready to make things happen at a moment's notice.

Francisca Maier

Chief of Staff at Thinx Inc.

New York

None yet, as I'm just getting started. But I hope to have some to share soon!

Steeve Vakeeswaran

Business Operations at Zapier

New York <> Toronto

Get really, really good at writing — Hemingway will become your best friend.

Ali Rohde

Chief of Staff at Sourceress

San Francisco

Speak up, give your opinion, and become a sounding board for your CEO.

Scott McLeod

Chief Of Staff at Resident Home

New York

Prioritize projects like a portfolio focused on impact and return.

Mike Maseda

Chief of Staff at Prompt

New York

Be as transparent as possible and ruthless in prioritization.

Jay Japra

Director of Operations at ProdPerfect

San Francisco

Learn by/while doing and always leave time for yourself.

Doug Bernard

Chief of Staff & Product Lead at HomeWorks Energy


Be curious, open minded, and people loving!