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Caroline  Brockett

Caroline Brockett

Chief of Staff at Bravado

San Francisco

Kathryn  Harmon

Kathryn Harmon

Chief of Staff at Manychat

New York City

Tal  Wasser

Tal Wasser

CoS to the CEO at BigPanda

San Francisco

Zack  Waldman

Zack Waldman

Chief of Staff at Oden Technologies

New York City

Melanie  Yu

Melanie Yu

Engagement Manager (Chief of Staff/EA) at Bonsai


Dominic  Parr

Dominic Parr

Chief of Staff at Platypus


Mandy  Smith

Mandy Smith

Chief of Staff at Olark


Chase Klassen

Chase Klassen

Chief Of Staff at Workiva


Dave  Carter

Dave Carter

Director of Operations & Strategy at Flipdish

London, UK

Yael Kaufmann

Yael Kaufmann

Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer at Learn In

San Francisco

Pamela  Gallimore'Wong

Pamela Gallimore'Wong

Strategic Program Manager at Ex-Indeed

Seattle, WA

Dan Bailey

Dan Bailey

Chief of Staff at SEDNA


Ada  Madigan

Ada Madigan

Associate Chief of Staff at Trust & Will

San Diego

Madelaine  Holden

Madelaine Holden

N/A at N/A

New York

Megan  Narain

Megan Narain

VP Strategic Initiatives and BizOps at Learnosity

Sydney, Australia

Kaitlyn  Filimonchuk

Kaitlyn Filimonchuk

Chief of Staff at HITT Contracting Inc.

Falls Church

Sarah  Catford

Sarah Catford

Chief of Staff at UpGuard

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Jessica  Chan

Jessica Chan

Chief of Staff at Champions Round

Mufreesboro, TN

Max  Bray

Max Bray

Chief of Staff at Founders Forum


Mitch  Rubin

Mitch Rubin

Deputy Features Editor at The Washington Post

Washington, DC

Laura  Clarke

Laura Clarke

Chief of Staff at Continu

Red Bank, NJ

Peter  Blair

Peter Blair

Industry Solutions and Strategy Director, Nonprofit at NA

Washington DC

Kyra  van den Bosch

Kyra van den Bosch

Chief of Staff at Highwire


Alexandra  Coleman

Alexandra Coleman

Chief of Staff at Hudson Valley Property Group

New York, NY

Janneke House

Janneke House

Chief Of Staff at Private Family Office

Washington DC

Laura  Olin

Laura Olin

COS at Trideum Corporation

Huntsville, Alabama

Anna  Gilliatt

Anna Gilliatt

Manager, Office of the CEO at Canadian Business Growth Fund


Abby  T.Miller

Abby T.Miller

Head of Operations at Replicate

Brooklyn, NY

Abhav Kedia

Abhav Kedia

Chief of Staff at Arweave

Bangalore, India

Tascia Pregno

Tascia Pregno

Global Patient Safety Evaluation, Partnership Operations Lead at Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Boston, MA

Quyen Bui

Quyen Bui

CoS at Banner Technologies

Los Angeles (also open to NYC)

Emily  Eshman

Emily Eshman

Chief of Staff and Head of Social Impact at Landed

Ketchum, Idaho

Serda  Evren

Serda Evren

Chief of Staff to Craig Vosburg, Chief Product Officer at Mastercard


Dave Norris

Dave Norris

CoS at Agorus

San Diego

Maggie  Mullooly

Maggie Mullooly

Chief of Staff at Arcadia

Washington DC

jenna pugrant

jenna pugrant

Capital Formation, Strategic Initiatives at Quona Capital

Washington DC

Tim  Rutten

Tim Rutten

EVP - Chief of Staff at Backbase


Lauren  Tharp

Lauren Tharp

Chief of Staff at Screencastify


Courtney Robinson

Courtney Robinson

Senior Director - Strategic Delivery Office at Citrix


Giray  Emiroglu

Giray Emiroglu

Chief of Staff at think-cell Software

Berlin, Germany

David  O'Hara

David O'Hara

Chief of Staff at brightwheel


Henry  Beaudin

Henry Beaudin

Vice President of Operations at MedSec LLC

Sea Cliff, NY

Katrina  Wardell

Katrina Wardell

Chief of Staff at Sylva

SF Bay Area

Sierrra  Kaslow

Sierrra Kaslow

Chief of Staff at Miro

San Francisco

George Branch

George Branch

Chief of Staff to CFO at Checkr

San Francisco

Grace  Carlson

Grace Carlson

Chief Strategy Advisor at King County Metro


Jacob Stein

Jacob Stein

Chief of Staff at Clyde

New York

Olivia  Weiss

Olivia Weiss

Chief of Staff at OPTE

Los Angeles

Kris  Lopez

Kris Lopez

Chief of Staff at Security Trails, A Recorded Future Company

Remote - Lowell, MA

Rico  Ashab

Rico Ashab

Chief of Staff at Destination DC

Washington, DC

Christian  Templeton

Christian Templeton

Finance solutions & transformation at Google

San Francisco

Ben  Skoda

Ben Skoda

Chief of Staff at Science On Call


Jessica  Jensen

Jessica Jensen

Vice President & Chief of Staff at Young America’s Foundation

Alexandria, Virginia

Natasha  Betancourt

Natasha Betancourt

Chief of Staff at CleanSpark (CLSK)

Las Vegas, NV

Caleb  Gates

Caleb Gates

Chief of Staff at PrimeLab

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Michelle  Hamer

Michelle Hamer

Chief of Staff at Labelbox

Kansas City

Rebecca Greenhalgh

Rebecca Greenhalgh

Sales Chief of Staff at OneTrust


Diana  Khramina

Diana Khramina

Chief of Staff at Gorgias

San Francisco

Henry  Pellicoro

Henry Pellicoro

Chief of Staff to the CEO at SevenRooms


Mary  Prager

Mary Prager

Chief of Staff at Lithic

New York

Vivian  Mason

Vivian Mason

Business Support Manager at Bank of America

Jacksonville, FL

Nicholas  Broder

Nicholas Broder

Managing Attorney at InPrime Legal

Atlanta, GA

Alison  Hennessy

Alison Hennessy

Chief of Staff to CEO at Daily Mail & General Trust


Eva  Marie Costello

Eva Marie Costello

Chief of Staff at Springboard

San Francisco

Frances  Ritson

Frances Ritson

VP Business Operations at Infogrid

Boston / London

Stephanie Parker

Stephanie Parker

Chief of Staff to Chief Marketing & Growth Officer at AT&T

Dallas, TX

Kristina  Rose

Kristina Rose

Chief of Staff to the President & COO at Pluralsight


Isar  Bhattacharjee

Isar Bhattacharjee

Founder at Uncover


Seulky  McInneshin

Seulky McInneshin

Deputy Chief of Staff at Mastery Schools


Megan  Wheeler

Megan Wheeler

Chief of Staff at Vive Crop Protection


Patricia  Walsh

Patricia Walsh

Chief of Staff at Trinity Church Wall Street

New York

Brinn Sanders

Brinn Sanders

Advisor at DVx Ventures


Carl  Fakaruddin

Carl Fakaruddin

Chief of Staff at Migo


Jess Leonard

Jess Leonard

Chief of Staff at Gamesight

Norman, Oklahoma

Ethan  Pope

Ethan Pope

Chief of Staff at Riskalyze

Recently Auburn CA, prior 5 years in Brooklyn.

Leland  Chamlin

Leland Chamlin

Director of R&D Partnerships and Programs at Bowery Farming


Scott  Starrett

Scott Starrett

Senior Business Consultant at Self-Employeed

New York City

Sophie  Barlow

Sophie Barlow

Consultant at Consultant


TJ Topercer

TJ Topercer

Chief of Staff at CareCentrix

Phoenix, Arizona

Sherrod Davis

Sherrod Davis

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer at EcoMap Technologies, Inc.

Baltimore City

Jess  Houlgrave

Jess Houlgrave

Chief of Staff at


David  Lottman

David Lottman

Chief of Staff at Capital One

Richmond, Virginia

Regina Sav

Regina Sav

Executive Business Partner, Office of the CEO at Roivant Sciences


Jacques  Hörter

Jacques Hörter

Chief of Staff at SumUp


Caroline Brockett

Caroline Brockett

Chief Of Staff at Bravado

San Francisco

Tania  Creavalle

Tania Creavalle

Chief of Staff at (Starting soon at) Cuvva

London, UK

Hannah  Kerby

Hannah Kerby

Chief of Staff at MATTE Projects

New York, NY

Donna  Gilbert

Donna Gilbert

Associate Director at AstraZeneca

Tarikah Travis

Tarikah Travis

ESG Operations Lead at Indeed

Denver, CO

Emily  Arnold

Emily Arnold

Chief of Staff at Thirdera


Christina  VanMuijen

Christina VanMuijen

Chief of Staff, Impact & ESG at Autodesk

San Francisco, CA

Ann Borja

Ann Borja

Chief of Staff, Office of Business Affairs at Lyft

Oakland, CA

Ali  Sardinia

Ali Sardinia

Chief of Staff at

New York, New York

Quyen  Bui

Quyen Bui

Chief of Staff at Banner Technologies

Los Angeles / NYC

Danielle  Coe

Danielle Coe

Chief of Staff at Blackbullion


Beth  Lolli

Beth Lolli

Chief of Staff at Resilience