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Martina Stokes

Chief of Staff at Fiberplane


Zoom out regularly to take stock of the wind, and gently nudge the CEO's set of the sail

Nikki Forbes

Chief of Staff, Marketing at DataDirect Networks & Tintri by DDN

El Dorado Hills

Be a leader with respect and kindness

Pino Soro

Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO at Mimecast


Take your responsibility to be the voice of your organization seriously. Be neutral, inclusive, and actively listen.

Mac Schwandt

Chief of Staff to CEO at Velodyne Lidar

San Jose, CA

Lead by doing. Nothing is above your paygrade.

Khumaan Malpani

Chief of Staff to the CEO at Relevel

Bangalore, India

The thing to learn best is the decision making framework of one's executive

Nazia Khan

Chief of Staff at Wattpad


Your job will change every 6 months (at least in a startup/scaleup)

Krissy Ferris

Chief of Staff at Proof+Geist

Cleveland, OH (work is remote)

A morning standup walk on the phone (we are remote) gets us physically moving and mentally aligned

Nicholas Lorenz

CoS at Oregon CBD

Philomath, Oregon

Leading by asking questions and facilitating others to find a solution is typically stronger than providing the solution yourself.

Anna Chan

Chief of Staff to the CEO at Raise Commercial Real Estate

San Francisco

Be curious, listen and observe, plan and get buy-in before springing into action

Katya Levitan-Reiner

Chief of Staff & VP Strategy at Mursion

San Francisco (remote work, based in New York)

Listen; build relationships deep into the organization

Kate Kondrak

Chief of Staff at Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Ask a lot of questions and LISTEN to the answer. Helps build trust and gain buy in.

Lisa Hillyard

chief of staff to group ceo at iconmobile group


COS is a generalist role - identify 1-2 areas where you can become an SME to add value

Nabil Uddin

Chief of Staff at HelpWear Inc.


Design your role to fit your character, not your character to fit your role.

Molly McCarthy

Chief of Staff, Vice President at Insight Partners

New York

For team/company/partner initiatives: impossible to get anything done successfully if people don't feel they've been heard throughout the process - even if you'll eventually make a decision or implement a process they don't like. For principals: no matter how closely you work together/how informal your relationship, important to maintain deference re: ultimate authority.

Penny Penati

Chief of Staff at Laka


You need to be proactive and find the missing gaps between leadership team and rest of the team

Winnie Wang

Chief of Staff to the Chief Product Officer at Oscar Health

New York City

Be an empathetic confidant to not only your executive, but also the broader organization.

Harry Davies

Chief of Staff at Greyparrot


So far: Think hard about how you frame the role with others when starting, and set clear boundaries.

Megan Wheeler

Chief of Staff at Moves Financial


Figure out what are your CEO's big priorities and take the medium/small priorities off their plate

Cynthia Del Pozo

Chief of Staff to Co-CEOs at theSkimm

New York

Relationships outside of the executive office are just as important as inside. Build these by asking people how you can be of help to them.

Nicole Kenny

Chief of Staff at PVH Corp. (Parent company to Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger)

Denver (remotely)

Listen more than you talk.

Alicia Malboeuf

Chief of Staff at Dell Technologies

Remote, Orlando FL

Success is highly dependent on the health of your relationship with your leader.

Alexis Monville

Chief of Staff to the EMEA General Manager at Red Hat


Be crystal clear on your focus (Principal, Leadership Team, Organization) and get yourself OKRs that will drive your focus and impact :)

Florent Schmahl

Chief of Staff at Growcer (


Have a clear missions statement that employees can rally behind and contribute to

Emily Smith

Chief of Staff at Lattice

San Francisco

Don't underestimate the advocacy & expectation setting that should happen when starting.

Gia Fazio

Chief of Staff at Arcadia Biosciences

Davis, CA

Positive discontent - always search for improvement opportunities

Sheila Sitaram

Chief of Staff to the CMO at HashiCorp

New York

Ask all the dumb questions and set expectations at the outset

Dan Bailey

Chief of Staff at SEDNA


Inbox visibility with the CEO is a game changer (we use our own product for this!)

Archie Wood

Chief of Staff at Patch Plants

London, UK

Try the be the most accessible person in the organisation Strategic Projects - expand delivery to UK CEO Requests Two teams reporting in - Business Intelligence and part-time MBA (strategy associate) NEEDS short term - allocating time coming off 2-3 weeks of belng slammed, coming up for air and seeking next projects What Next - unformed aspirations to start own business

Olivia Papa

Chief of Staff at Eko

San Francisco

Be intentional in building personal and professional relationships with your closest stakeholders.

Lenny Rosenblatt

Chief of Staff at Full Picture

New York City

ensure and display alignment with your primary every day

Brian Webb

Chief of Staff at Clubhouse

New York

Find your CEO's weak & blind spots and cover down on them & don't bite off more than you can chew

Michelle Mittler

Chief of Staff at Social Capital

Palo Alto

I am still new at this. Too soon to share a best tip at this point.

Donavan Trieu

Chief of Staff at Laika

New York

Speak with every team member at least once a quarter - keeps you grounded and aware across levels.

Meredith Rosenzweig

Chief of Staff at Dropbox

Berkeley, California

In every interaction / initiative - set the proper expectations!

Shreya Bhatt

Chief of Staff at Medic


Bring intentionality to the work, demonstrate humanity, build trust, & overcommunicate

Marc Mercier

Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO at Botpress

Quebec, Canada

Always ask open-ended questions.

Sherrod Davis

Chief of Staff at Protenus


Memorialize and circulate an alignment strategy and refer to it at every opportunity.

Josh Levitt

Chief of Staff to the CEO at Blink Health

New York City

Don't be afraid to push back on ideas or approaches with which you don't agree

Ben Fogle

Chief of Staff to the CEO at Evident ID

Atlanta, GA

Understanding and utilizing the leverage you have via the CEO

Sergio Barajas

Chief of staff at Airtm

Mexico city

Be aware that this position is never fully defined or structured: this is a huge opportunity.