The power of community.

Since 2017, the Chief of Staff Network has been leading the way developing the Chief of Staff role into one of the most exciting positions in the private sector.  

Through community-led research, shared stories and experiences, and education programs designed to maximize the CoS experience for individuals and teams, our platform has supported hundreds Chiefs of Staff in daily execution, learning & development, career navigation and more.

As Chiefs of Staff become an even more prominent part of leadership teams and beyond, our commitment to our members is to be there at every step of their journey. We achieve this by building the ecosystem to help the role develop and the professionals in it to succeed.

– Scott Amenta
Founder, Chief of Staff Network



Our mission is to accelerate the careers of every Chief of Staff. We aim to provide CoS operators with the resources, knowledge, network, and mentorship to develop long, impactful careers.



Our vision is to create a global community supporting thousands of Chiefs of Staff taking on a variety of responsibilities to help their companies succeed. We aim to create career-making connections and opportunities for all of our members.



- The health of our community comes first.
- We cultivate community through belonging.
- We help each other to reach our full potential.

New member cohorts launching every month!

Our Team

Scott Amenta


Rahul Desai

General Manager

David Nebinski

Community Operations Manager

CoS Master Track cohort launches in May.

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