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The Corporate Council is designed for Chiefs of Staff from large market-leading enterprises, providing a platform to enhance your strategic influence and leadership capabilities.

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What Sets us Apart

The Corporate Council Distinction

Our exclusive community connects senior Chiefs of Staff from large, market-leading companies, offering unparalleled opportunities for collaboration, support, and growth. Discover the benefits that set us apart.

True Expert Advice

Not from consultants or thought leaders, but from senior Chiefs of Staff at other big companies like yours. Whatever you’re facing, someone in the council has already done it and can help you navigate it.


Ask the questions you can’t ask anywhere else, and speak candidly about what is and isn’t working. Our privacy standards enable you to share freely and safely, knowing that what is shared here stays here.

Personalized support

Our team gets to know you and your needs. We make sure you’re in the conversations you need to be having, with the people you need to be having them with.

Exclusive Insights

Gain access to cutting-edge strategies, industry trends, and best practices from top executives. Stay ahead with curated content designed to enhance your role and impact.

Exclusive Member Benefits

Unlock unparalleled resources, connections, and opportunities tailored for senior Chiefs of Staff.

Exclusive Access

Up to three seats for your company’s senior-most Chiefs of Staff (working with the C-Suite) to ensure relevant knowledge-sharing.

Weekly Chief of Staff Roundtables

Real-time discussions with Chiefs of Staff focused on the challenges and opportunities you’re facing.Always moderated by our experienced Membership Team to make sure we stay on topic and distraction-free.

Online Forum

Share your need, ask your question, or brag about your team’s successes when you know your learnings can help others.Moderated like everything else in the council, so you only see the highest-value content.

Concierge Connections

We will introduce yo to members who can help you with specific circumstances or general perspectives.