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We make Chiefs of Staff more effective on Day 1

My executive team have noted that I have been able to speak with more wisdom and authority on leadership topics over the last year. This would not be the case if not for the conversations, threads and generous knowledge sharing here.

I have thought carefully about where to invest my time this year and put my Harvard Masters on hold in order to be more involved in the CoS Network.

Angela White

Angela Gray

Chief of Staff, MMA Global

The Chief of Staff network has been incredibly helpful for me, and I honestly started seeing immediate value beginning on Day 1 of joining.

The network offers numerous opportunities to further growth, development, and camaraderie - I think it'd be challenging to navigate the COS role alone without this group of people.

Ali Sardinia

Ali Sardinia

Chief of Staff, Order

I love having conceptual frameworks. Every step along the way of the Fundamentals Track, that was provided in some form.

This is very helpful to me as I continually conceptualize my Chief of Staff role and convert ideas and frameworks into actions.

Joy Lo

Joy A. Lo

Chief of Staff, HR&A Advisors

Chief of Staff, MMA Global

Why Companies Sponsor Membership

Learn & Execute

Solve business problems with 800+ other CoS

Our private community has activity 24/7. Community members have given each other actionable advice on topics as varied as implementing a PEO, hiring an exec coach, building a budget, GTM planning, and so much more.
Learn & Execute

Consulting from someone who's helped Google, Uber, & more

Our General Manager, Rahul Desai, is a former strategy consultant, founder, CoS, and Head of Ops. He has helped members think through fraud mitigation, succession planning, post-merger integration, and product line expansion to name a few.
Learn & Execute

The skills you don't learn in business school

We offer self-serve and cohort-based courses to help improve operational skills. Our current course library and planned roadmap include 25 courses on topics such as email productivity, cold sales, spreadsheet modeling, SQL, and strategic thinking.
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Events on the topics CoS need the most

We run weekly events on topics that we commonly hear CoS need help with, bringing in experts to address our members. In 2023 YTD, we've held 50+ events on topics including OKRs, data-driven operations, the fall of SVB, preventing employee burnout, and more.
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A community manager to optimize your experience

Our dedicated community manager, David Nebinski, offers concierge service to members. He can recommend resources, connections, and information to help Chiefs of Staff make the most of their membership.
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An on-demand library full of tactical knowledge

Our Knowledge Hub contains all of our tactical knowhow around solving common business problems, such as annual planning, change management, fundraising, and running great All Hands.

Members Get Best Practices from CoS Who've Done It Before

Chief of Staff Network Partners

Have Questions?

In addition to the above information, if you would like to contact about membership, sponsorship, hiring services, or CoS Network for teams, you can book time with our General Manager Rahul Desai here.

We are excited to help you and your company level-up! Looking forward to having you in the Network.

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