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Rebecca  Grube

Rebecca Grube

Senior Director of Program Management/CoS at Bardavon Health Innovations

Kansas City Metropolitan Area

Aaron  Lyon

Aaron Lyon

Director, Strategic Planning & Chief of Staff at American Express

Boston, MA

Donavan  Trieu

Donavan Trieu

Chief of Staff at Laika

New York

Alyssa  DiGirolamo

Alyssa DiGirolamo

Chief of Staff at JOKR

New York

Cecilia  Rogers

Cecilia Rogers

at Cross River Bank

New York

Hannah  Thomas

Hannah Thomas

Chief of Staff at Embark

Dallas, Texas

Astri Sorenson

Astri Sorenson

Chief Of Staff at Banff Advisors

Washington DC

Shannon  Smithers

Shannon Smithers

Chief of Staff at PicassoMD

Washington, DC

Chelsea  Hayes

Chelsea Hayes

Chief of Staff | Design at Duo Security


Regan  Smith

Regan Smith

Chief of Staff at Global Accelerator Network

Denver, Colorado

Harrison  Silverstein

Harrison Silverstein

Chief of Staff to the CEO at Suzy

New York City

Gabi Browne

Gabi Browne

Account Director | Talent Solutions at LinkedIn

New York

Gabriel Henrique de Almeida Pereira

Gabriel Henrique de Almeida Pereira

Chief Of Staff - Office of CTO at SumUp


Alex  Rader

Alex Rader

Chief of Staff at The Atlas for Cities

Los Angeles

Connor  Sweeney

Connor Sweeney

Chief of Staff at Passes

Dave Norris

Dave Norris

CoS at Agorus

San Diego

Katrin  Stigge

Katrin Stigge


Basel, Switzerland

Max  Bray

Max Bray

Chief of Staff at Founders Forum


Simon  Rodrigues

Simon Rodrigues

Chief of Staff at Nested

Mexico City

Rachael Kratz

Rachael Kratz

Chief of Staff at Qwick


Mary  Hendra

Mary Hendra

just accepted Chief of Staff position at Sensate

San Diego

Collette  Ricard

Collette Ricard

Chief of Staff at Flashpoint


Heather  Shockley

Heather Shockley

Program Manager, Chief of Staff at Amount


jasmeet  kaur

jasmeet kaur

CoS at Clearwater Analytics

San Jose

Jack Weinberger

Jack Weinberger

Chief of Staff at Humming Homes

New York

Cheri Holmes

Cheri Holmes

Chief of Staff to CRO at GitLab

San Diego, CA

Sara  Hudson

Sara Hudson

Chief of Staff at Dreamlings


Francisca  Maier

Francisca Maier

Chief of Staff to CEO at Thinx Inc.

New York

D'Andrala  Alexander

D'Andrala Alexander

Associate Chief of Staff at Spring Health

Dallas, TX

Caryn  Di Paolo

Caryn Di Paolo

Chief of Staff at MACRO

Los Angeles

Lesley-Anne  Caporelli

Lesley-Anne Caporelli

Head Business Operations / CoS at Janssen

Charleston, SC

Martina Stokes

Martina Stokes

Chief Of Staff at Fiberplane


Ezana Haddis

Ezana Haddis

Chief Operating Officer at Aria Grace Law CIC


Rachel  Townend

Rachel Townend

Chief of Staff at Illuminate Financial Management


Lauren  Rofe

Lauren Rofe

COS at Florence


Jack Strauss

Jack Strauss

Chief Of Staff at Xwing

San Francisco

Kim  Belehradek Belehradek

Kim Belehradek Belehradek

Executive Business Partner/Chief of Staff at ASUG and C2C

Downers Grove, IL

Rich  Harley

Rich Harley

Chief of Staff at Feeld Ltd

Chester, UK

Annie  Xiao

Annie Xiao

Chief of Staff at


Spence  Hoffman

Spence Hoffman

Founder at BMF Collective

San Francisco

Cynthia  Del Pozo

Cynthia Del Pozo

Chief of Staff to Co-CEOs at theSkimm

New York

Kristina  Rose

Kristina Rose

Chief of Staff to the President & COO at Pluralsight


Bass  Zanjani

Bass Zanjani

Chief of Staff at H2 Clipper

Santa Barbara / Dallas

Jenna  Doe

Jenna Doe

Chief of Staff, Head of Operations at Ansa Biotechnologies, Inc.

Emeryville, CA

Viktoria Klianeva

Viktoria Klianeva

VP Operations at Aleph Alpha


Esme  Ara'resa

Esme Ara'resa

Community Operations Manager at sylva


Alex Melamed

Alex Melamed

Chief of Staff to the CEO at Payhawk


Mitch  Null

Mitch Null

Head of IT Enablement at Atlassian


Samantha  Dabek

Samantha Dabek

Chief of Staff at strongDM


Nick  Koehler

Nick Koehler

International Growth Manager at Echobot & Leadfeeder


Carol  King

Carol King

Chief of Staff at National Marine Sanctuary Foundation

Washington, DC

Olivia  Weiss

Olivia Weiss

Chief of Staff at OPTE

Los Angeles

Gretchen  Barker

Gretchen Barker

Chief of Staff to CEO/Co-Founder at TaskUs at TaskUs

Austin, Texas

Holley Peaseley

Holley Peaseley

Chief of Staff to the Chief Product Officer at Instacart

Washington DC

Brenna  Healy

Brenna Healy

Chief Of Staff/Director of Operations at GoodRx

New York, NY

Maggie  Fisher

Maggie Fisher

Chief of Staff at Diligent

New York

Gregory  Ormsby

Gregory Ormsby

Chief of Staff at Microsoft

Seattle, Washington

Ben  Toussant

Ben Toussant

Chief of Staff and Director of Strategic Operations at One Health Company

San Diego, CA

Michelle Petersen

Michelle Petersen

Chief of Staff at Quorum

Washington DC

Emily  Ochoa

Emily Ochoa

Chief of Staff at Eigen Technologies


Rhoda  Veluz

Rhoda Veluz

Chief of Staff - People & Enterprise Transformation at City of Hope

Los Angeles, California

Luc  Saint Genies

Luc Saint Genies

Chief of Staff to the President at BCW

Washington, DC

Richie Ledo

Richie Ledo

Strategy & Ops at Benepass

New York

Bonnie  Brieden

Bonnie Brieden

Chief of Staff to the CEO at Plato


Donavan Trieu

Donavan Trieu

Chief Of Staff at Laika

New York

Jacqueline  Blatt

Jacqueline Blatt

Chief of Staff to CEO at Rent the Runway

New York

Sergio  Alvarez

Sergio Alvarez

Strategic Program Planning & Chief of Staff at HP Inc.

San Diego, California, USA

Sana  Mohammed

Sana Mohammed

Chief of Staff at Ten Percent Happier


Steeve Vakeeswaran

Steeve Vakeeswaran

Business Operations at Zapier

New York <> Toronto

L.J. Slan

L.J. Slan

Chief of Staff at ASW Distillery

Atlanta, Ga.



Chegg Skills - Chief of Staff at Chegg

San Carlos, CA

Alyssa  McClenning

Alyssa McClenning

Chief of Staff at CommerceHub

Saratoga Springs, NY

Xica  Wiltgen

Xica Wiltgen

Chief of Staff at EnsoData, Inc

San Diego, CA

Noah  Debrincat

Noah Debrincat

Chief of Staff at Curebase

SF (Remote)

Janice  White

Janice White

Senior Strategy Advisor at Emera


Anna  Gilliatt

Anna Gilliatt

Manager, Office of the CEO at Canadian Business Growth Fund


Tine  von Villiez

Tine von Villiez

Chief of Staff at Upvest


Shasta  Olarte

Shasta Olarte

Snr Program Manager at Square

Oakland, CA

April  Van Epps

April Van Epps

Chief of Staff at Centerstone

Eatonton, GA (about an hour east of Atlanta(

Julia  Forzano

Julia Forzano

Chief of Staff at Galaxy Interactive


Quyen Bui

Quyen Bui

CoS at Banner Technologies

Los Angeles (also open to NYC)

Laura  Hool

Laura Hool

Chief of Staff at Carole Robertson Center for Learning

Chicago, IL

Shaquoia  Gulley

Shaquoia Gulley

Chief of Staff at Fingercheck


Jay  keswani

Jay keswani

cos/bizops at ms

San Francisco

Tara  Orris

Tara Orris

Chief of Staff at Pat Tillman Foundation


Zack  Waldman

Zack Waldman

Chief of Staff at Oden Technologies

New York City

Liz  OMalley

Liz OMalley

Chief of Staff at Highline


Brianna  Mundy

Brianna Mundy

Business Strategy & Operations Lead at IBM

Holly Springs, NC

Amanda  Adams

Amanda Adams

VP of Marketing at Pathformance

St. Louis

Henry  Pellicoro

Henry Pellicoro

Chief of Staff to the CEO at SevenRooms


Kelly  Bryant

Kelly Bryant

Chief of Staff at Restaurant365

Irvine, CA

Michelle  Banham

Michelle Banham

CoS at Offsite


Gillian  Iversen

Gillian Iversen

Chief of Staff at IAND


Nina Schwark

Nina Schwark

EA & CoS to the CEO at addy

Vancouver, BC Canada

Meredith Bollinger

Meredith Bollinger

Chief of Staff, Customer Experience at Mediafly


Renee Trepagnier

Renee Trepagnier

Chief of Staff at Acrisure Technology Group

Austin, TX

David  Nebinski

David Nebinski

:) at N/A

New York