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Kel Hanna

Chief of Staff at Caktus Consulting Group


Trust your crazy ideas...then design a plan that inspires others to take the leap with you.

Tim Gilligan

Chief of Staff, Commercial and Small Business Design at Capital One

New York

The key to an effective partnership with your principal and peers is transparency and for the CoS to be sparring partner and perspective bringer.

Alexis Teixeira

Deputy Chief of Staff at Carta

New York City

Always be considering how you can make your manager not just 2x more effective, but 10x more effective.

Sara Zabukovec

Chief of Staff to the CEO at A Cloud Guru

Melbourne, Australia (moving to Austin, TX in H1 2021)

When you're working in a high velocity environment like a startup, it's even more important to build networks within your org with leaders and employees who can tell you what's really going on. It can be tempting to only invest your time in building relationships with the exec, but if you want to be a great counsellor to your principle (in my case our CEO) you need to know what's happening at the front line. The insights you can glean from key, high-performing employees and more people leaders shouldn't be underestimated!

Simon Rodrigues

Chief of Staff at Nested


Think of yourself as the exec team's ambassador and get the details right. Learn the name of the cleaning staff. Arrive to meetings on time and with energy. Crack jokes. Distill key messages, and repeat them over and over again. You're accountable for getting sh*t done -- and that means taking responsibility for the mood in the room.

Eleazar Orellana

Sr. Director, Strategy, Business Planning and Operations at Visa, Inc

San Francisco

I've found that the CoS role means different things depending on the organization. It can be extremely broad, or it can be extremely narrow - it all depends on the hunger and tenacity of the person. A good friend of mine shared a great article with me about the CoS role:

John Chiu

Senior Manager at Deloitte


Embrace the three pillars of being a COS - i.e. strategy, operations, and administrative - as all three are crucial for any business operation, and as a COS you are likely well placed to be influential in these activities. ALSO - be a force multiplier for your leadership, and a reach extender for your staff!

Joe Ribecchi

Manager - Strategy & Business Planning / Chief Of Staff at American Express

New York

Set expectations up front. For example, I let people know I'm very responsive. I respond to every email I receive in the same day, even if I can't take action immediately and I let the sender know I'm working on it.

Monica Raciti

Chief of Staff at EarnUp

San Francisco

I am still pretty new to the COS world, but as a general rule of thumb, insatiable curiosity made this role very attractive as an avenue to have another period of hyper learning growth as you get to participate in many facets of a company!

Clara Ma

Chief of Staff at Hugging Face

New York

Being a Chief of Staff means no day is ever the same. You can prepare the best you can, but you'll inevitably pick something up that you didn't anticipate for and you'll need to find your way to make sure it doesn't get dropped.

Daniel Orr

Chief of Staff to the CEO at Corning Inc

Corning, NY

When you show information to prepare for events, make sure to present it at the right time (not too early or too late) and keep consistent formats so your boss doesn't have to relearn or search for important facts.

Josh Young

Chief of Staff at New Story


I'm pretty new to the role, but definitely delivering on everything that you say you will do is huge. Developing that trust early is everything for a good relationship with the executive team.

Matt Austin

Chief of Staff at Finix

San Francisco

Develop 3-5 priorities, build measurable goals around those initiatives, and remain focused! Failure is often the result of too many priorities and a lack of focus.

Susan Packal

Chief of Staff / Head of Legal Operations at Twilio

San Francisco

Never stop being curious - dig into how every single thing works - in order to build the credibility and knowledge you need to advise.

Ethan Pope

Chief of Staff at Riskalyze

Auburn, CA

Frailty exists at the intersections. Be a master of understanding where those intersections are and how to maneuver them.

Philip W. Braddock

Chief of Staff to the CFO at Atlassian

San Francisco

Separating the signal from the noise to inform recommendations is as important as the outcome of the final decision.

Isabel Sanchez

Chief of Staff at Zoopla


Never underestimate the power of relationships - you need to understand this to be effective in your role

David Burt

Chief of Staff at Atlantic Media


Patience... has been useful for me. Observing opportunities and letting them emerge organically.

Chase Klassen

Chief of Staff to COO at Workiva

Nashville (remote)

Make your boss’s life easier. Help the company. Relationships matter. No assholes allowed.

Enrique Perez

Managing Principal & Chief Investment Officer at Mission Park Capital


If you're willing to offer your advice to others, remember to be willing to take your own advice--especially when it may be uncomfortable.

Lorne Magill

Director of Strategy and Business Operations (aka Cos) at City Pantry


Rather than always beating yourself up how you could do things better/differently, remember to ask yourself is this "good enough"?

Rita Balogh

Chief of Staff at Google

Washington, D.C.

Be open minded and learn as much as you can from the (most probably) amazing people you are working with.

Jena Angeliadis

Chief of Staff at American Express

New York

Take the time to get to know your team on an individual level and build strong relationships!

Emily Ochoa

Chief of Staff at Eigen Technologies


Build good relationships with the exec team. You can both help each other immensely.

Sijin Pisharody

Chief of Staff & Head of Sales Operations, APAC at Red Hat


Keep an open mind and don’t limit your options

Lisa Hillyard

chief of staff to group ceo at iconmobile group


At first, focus on building rapport with individuals across functions and levels. You'll get a deeper understanding of internal dynamics, which will be invaluable once you start to understand the challenges you're tasked with solving.

Cathy Oved

Chief of Staff at The Drone Racing League

New York

Always think ahead! Being proactive is the key to success.

Dan Shpilsky

Chief of Staff at Change Healthcare

New York

Try to avoid the “us vs them” mentality that sometimes surfaces among leadership teams

Felix Urquia

Chief of Staff to the Chief Product Officer at Silicon Valley Bank

San Francisco

Anticipate, anticipate, anticipate - and be indispensable.

Andrea Vinkler

Business Program Manager at Roblox

San Mateo, CA

I'm still learning and would like to expand my knowledge to become a COS. I think the best tip would be to a good gatekeeper and listen.

Will Holtz

Chief of Staff at Recess

New York

Instead of just "jumping right in", be aware of the internal politics that may or may have not existed before your time

Lilly Wyden

Chief of Staff to the CEO at Cityblock Health

New York

The team you build is the company you build

Sophia Chen

Chief of Staff, CEO at NextRoll

New York City

Progress over perfection. Keep moving things forward.

Jacob Stein

Chief of Staff at Clyde

New York

The ability to effectively project manage yourself is key, makes rolling with the punches way easier