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Lisa Hillyard

chief of staff to group ceo at iconmobile group


COS is a generalist role - identify 1-2 areas where you can become an SME to add value

Philip Sorensen

Chief of Staff at Nova Credit

San Francisco

Get good at "farming"! You need to build scale by learning how to farm work from the organization.

Cathy Oved

Chief of Staff at The Drone Racing League

New York

Always think ahead! Being proactive is the key to success.

Dan Shpilsky

Chief of Staff at Change Healthcare

New York

Try to avoid the “us vs them” mentality that sometimes surfaces among leadership teams

Felix Urquia

Chief of Staff to the Chief Product Officer at Silicon Valley Bank

San Francisco

Anticipate, anticipate, anticipate - and be indispensable.

Andrea Vinkler

Business Program Manager at Roblox

San Mateo, CA

I'm still learning and would like to expand my knowledge to become a COS. I think the best tip would be to a good gatekeeper and listen.

Lilly Wyden

Chief of Staff to the CEO at Cityblock Health

New York

The team you build is the company you build

Sophia Chen

Chief of Staff, CEO at NextRoll

New York City

Progress over perfection. Keep moving things forward.

Jacob Stein

Chief of Staff at Clyde

New York

The ability to effectively project manage yourself is key, makes rolling with the punches way easier

Megan Wheeler

Chief of Staff at Moves Financial


Figure out what are your CEO's big priorities and take the medium/small priorities off their plate

Sibi Murugesan

Chief of Staff (also Head of Platform) at Earnest Capital


Only a few weeks in but have the team build their "User Manuals!" Very insightful!

Dan Bailey

Chief of Staff at SEDNA


Inbox visibility with the CEO is a game changer (we use our own product for this!)

Mary Kate Sinha

Chief of Staff to Founder & CEO at Plastiq

San Francisco

Quickly earn trust by identifying shared goals, exercising vulnerability, and doing what you say.

David Kanter

Chief of Staff to the CEO at

New York City

Force company into written culture. 1) formal doc reads and 2) purge slack

Cindy Morse

Chief of Staff to COO at Salesforce


Learn to speak for yourself and your exec as two separate entities

Jake Mitchell

Chief of Staff and VP of Legal at Athelas

San Francisco

Establish communication norms and expectations with your executive as early as possible.

Christian Keil

Chief of Staff at Astranis

San Francisco, CA

Don't listen to too much advice. Every organization is unique, so your role will be unique.

Anna Koenig

Chief of Staff at Starship HSA

San Francisco/New York

You have to ask the right questions to get to a place where change can happen

Kate Panawek

Business Strategy & Operations Manager (CoS to CRO) at Dialpad

San Francisco

regularly chat w/ management, whether formally or informally, to get to know all pain points

Jacob Chai

Chief of Staff at Common

New York City

Be organized AF. Monitor the emotional level of the conversation and use that to ask good questions.

Kathryn Kaplan

Leverager at Bridgewater Associates


Empathy and listening - you need to be able to see things through others view to make progress

Cameron Huber

Chief of Staff at Made Renovation

San Francisco

Be the source of truth - Know every important company metric daily, and watch your influence rise.

Laura Capucilli

Chief of Staff to the President at Sidewalk Labs

New York City

Always use a fact-based approach! Make decisions without ruffling feathers by prioritizing the data

Donavan Trieu

Chief of Staff at Laika

New York

Speak with every team member at least once a quarter - keeps you grounded and aware across levels.

Brandon Lewis

Chief of Staff at Grove Collaborative

San Francisco

Send out an agenda to every meeting, no matter how small

Jose Perez

Chief of Staff at Medecision


Know yourself and have a plan, but get to know others and understand theirs.

Daphne Shen

Chief of Staff at Baraja


Automate everything - Microsoft Flow, Zapier... makes you look awesome + superpowers efficiency!

Katie Murphy

Chief of Staff & Head of Strategy at HackerU

Columbus, Ohio

Build trust among your leadership by finding ways to help them, put their needs before your own to start. How can you make their day to day a bit easier to build that bridge.