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Pascual Cortes-Monroy

Chief of Staff/ Strategy Lead at Odd Industries

London, Santiago & Remote

Diligence the CEO as much as you can—this will likely make or break the experience.

Karen McCord

Chief of Staff at CorVista Health

Washington DC area

There are many ways to add value; focus on areas where you excel.

Lauren Legette

Chief of Staff at Google

Bay Area

Use executive’s name sparingly to avoid losing your power. Think of it as a four letter word.”

Noah Dwora

Chief of Staff at Ollie Pets

New York

build internal relationships to be able to lead without authority

Chloe Bowen

Chief of staff at Paubox

San Francisco, CA

Look for opportunities where you can jump in and help - do the work that no one else has time to do.


Chief of Staff to CPO at Criteo


Set clear expectations on process and c-level entry topics based on accomplishment/importance

Lindsey Arita

Chief of Staff at Banyan Infrastructure

San Francisco, CA

Take initiative to get to know / build relationships with the broader team

Emily Amjad

Generalist/Special Projects/Chief of Staff at BrightHire

New York

Send meeting agendas ahead of time to triangulate/focus on goals for the conversation

Jessica Li

Chief of Staff at Beacons

San Francisco, CA

1) Know what you want to on vs. build then pass on. 2) Don't underestimate the value of listening.

Heather Higgins

Chief of Staff at Cosaic

Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

For recurring meetings, while it's still fresh, mock up your next agenda or deck after each meeting, folding in anything that should be new or different.

Elise Zimbardo

Business Operations Manager & Chief of Staff to the VP Strategy & New Frontiers at Dropbox

San Francisco, CA

Trust is the key element for a successful partnership with an Executive. Trust is Ability, Integrity and Benevolence

Henry Pellicoro

Chief of Staff to the CEO at SevenRooms


Don't be afraid to admit when you don't understand something.

Grace Yao

Chief of Staff at Reejig


Clarify expectations and ask for feedback often to ensure alignment with the Executive!

William Meng

Chief of Staff at Sym

San Francisco

As CoS, it's easy to get overwhelmed with tasks big and small. Focus on 1 big task at a time

Michelle Ambrose

Chief of Staff to CEO at SADA Systems

Los Angeles

You should be like black ops - the mission is successful because of you, but very few people know

Kiah Buchner

Chief of Staff at Bolt (

Petaluma, CA

The best advice I've ever gotten is to NEVER turn down a seat at the table, even if it's just to take notes.

Zaharo Tsekouras

Chief of Staff at Spruce


Build relationships and trust with team members within your Principal's sphere of influence

Lauren Tharp

Chief of Staff at Screencastify


Create an Asana board for each of the CEO's direct reports so I can follow all of their projects.

Pino Soro

Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO at Mimecast


Take your responsibility to be the voice of your organization seriously. Be neutral, inclusive, and actively listen.

Jacqueline Cutler

Senior Director & Chief of Staff to CEO at Rent the Runway

New York

Nothing is more important than trust: others' trust in you and your own trust in yourself.

Kathryn Kaplan

Leverager at Bridgewater Associates


Empathy and listening - you need to be able to see things through others view to make progress

Audrey Krezmer

Chief of Staff at Kindbody

New York

Never let them see you sweat, maintain a smile and calm/positive demeanor

Ernesto Freire

Chief of Staff and Senior Lead, Communications and Internal Management at Bloomberg Associates

New York City

Use objective criteria/data to explain actions and manage negotiations with clients/staff

Mac Schwandt

Chief of Staff to CEO at Velodyne Lidar

San Jose, CA

Lead by doing. Nothing is above your paygrade.

Daphne Shen

Chief of Staff at Baraja


Automate everything - Microsoft Flow, Zapier... makes you look awesome + superpowers efficiency!

Allison Miller

Chief of Staff at AccessHealthcare


Be the most nimble, flexible and open to change leader in the room.

Kate Kondrak

Chief of Staff at Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Ask a lot of questions and LISTEN to the answer. Helps build trust and gain buy in.

Kamran Ghazian

Sr. Director Marketing Operations & Analytics at Ciena


Structure and clarity are keys to success

Khumaan Malpani

Chief of Staff to the CEO at Relevel

Bangalore, India

The thing to learn best is the decision making framework of one's executive

Laura Smith

Project Manager, Strategy & Operations at Novo Nordisk


Regularly ask why. E.g. why are we taking on a new project - a lot of people don't ask this question

Katie Murphy

Chief of Staff & Head of Strategy at HackerU

Columbus, Ohio

Build trust among your leadership by finding ways to help them, put their needs before your own to start. How can you make their day to day a bit easier to build that bridge.

Priya Monga

Business Lead - Chief of Staff to the head of the Facebook App at Facebook

San Francisco

Actively build your team or your tribe. This job can sometimes feel lonely and isolating (and i'm sure many of the leaders we support feel the same). Find people within your organization and especially within your leader's inner circle who you can trust and collaborate with.

Kevin Ofori

Chief of Staff at WorkChew

Washington, D.C.

Ask the kind of questions that get people to elaborate. Let people talk, and listen carefully.

Sheila Sitaram

Chief of Staff to the CMO at HashiCorp

New York

Ask all the dumb questions and set expectations at the outset

Florent Schmahl

Chief of Staff at Growcer (


Have a clear missions statement that employees can rally behind and contribute to

Nazia Khan

Chief of Staff at Wattpad


Your job will change every 6 months (at least in a startup/scaleup)

Krissy Ferris

Chief of Staff at Proof+Geist

Cleveland, OH (work is remote)

A morning standup walk on the phone (we are remote) gets us physically moving and mentally aligned

Nicholas Lorenz

CoS at Oregon CBD

Philomath, Oregon

Leading by asking questions and facilitating others to find a solution is typically stronger than providing the solution yourself.

Anna Chan

Chief of Staff to the CEO at Raise Commercial Real Estate

San Francisco

Be curious, listen and observe, plan and get buy-in before springing into action

Katya Levitan-Reiner

Chief of Staff & VP Strategy at Mursion

San Francisco (remote work, based in New York)

Listen; build relationships deep into the organization

Lisa Hillyard

chief of staff to group ceo at iconmobile group


COS is a generalist role - identify 1-2 areas where you can become an SME to add value

Nabil Uddin

Chief of Staff at HelpWear Inc.


Design your role to fit your character, not your character to fit your role.

Molly McCarthy

Chief of Staff, Vice President at Insight Partners

New York

For team/company/partner initiatives: impossible to get anything done successfully if people don't feel they've been heard throughout the process - even if you'll eventually make a decision or implement a process they don't like. For principals: no matter how closely you work together/how informal your relationship, important to maintain deference re: ultimate authority.

Penny Penati

Chief of Staff at Laka


You need to be proactive and find the missing gaps between leadership team and rest of the team

Harry Davies

Chief of Staff at Greyparrot


So far: Think hard about how you frame the role with others when starting, and set clear boundaries.

Megan Wheeler

Chief of Staff at Moves Financial


Figure out what are your CEO's big priorities and take the medium/small priorities off their plate

Cynthia Del Pozo

Chief of Staff to Co-CEOs at theSkimm

New York

Relationships outside of the executive office are just as important as inside. Build these by asking people how you can be of help to them.

Nicole Kenny

Chief of Staff at PVH Corp. (Parent company to Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger)

Denver (remotely)

Listen more than you talk.

Alicia Malboeuf

Chief of Staff at Dell Technologies

Remote, Orlando FL

Success is highly dependent on the health of your relationship with your leader.

Alexis Monville

Chief of Staff to the EMEA General Manager at Red Hat


Be crystal clear on your focus (Principal, Leadership Team, Organization) and get yourself OKRs that will drive your focus and impact :)

Emily Smith

Chief of Staff at Lattice

San Francisco

Don't underestimate the advocacy & expectation setting that should happen when starting.

Gia Fazio

Chief of Staff at Arcadia Biosciences

Davis, CA

Positive discontent - always search for improvement opportunities

Dan Bailey

Chief of Staff at SEDNA


Inbox visibility with the CEO is a game changer (we use our own product for this!)