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Derek  Puryear

Derek Puryear

Recruitment Consultant at Selby Jennings

New York, NY

Mollie  Fleury

Mollie Fleury

Chief of Staff at Lightmatter (

New York

Samantha Vrcic

Samantha Vrcic

Chief Of Staff at STEPN by Find Satoshi Lab


carla  zerriny

carla zerriny

misc at infatuation

New York

Heidi  Schimoler

Heidi Schimoler

Head of Operations at Journey Clinical

New York, New York

Emily  Arnold

Emily Arnold

Chief of Staff at Thirdera


Priya  Patel

Priya Patel

Chief of Staff at Ockam

Los Gatos, California

Nadia  Fonny

Nadia Fonny

Chief of Staff at Kargo Technologies

Jakarta, Indonesia

Nao  Otsubo

Nao Otsubo

Chief of Staff at Mode

San Francisco Bay Area

Heather  Saldinger

Heather Saldinger

Chief of Staff at Skuid

San Diego, Ca

Nkem  Oghedo

Nkem Oghedo

Chief of Staff to the CEO at Care/of

New York

Sian  Graham

Sian Graham

Chief of Staff at TritonExec Ltd


Emily  Zhang

Emily Zhang

Chief of Staff at Eightfold

San Francisco

Mary  Jacobsen

Mary Jacobsen

Chief of Staff at Johnson Firm

Little Rock

Pamela  Gallimore'Wong

Pamela Gallimore'Wong

Strategic Program Manager at Ex-Indeed

Seattle, WA

Jill  Rea

Jill Rea


Larkspur, California

Ben  Cabangun

Ben Cabangun

Chief of Staff at San Francisco AIDS Foundation

San Francisco, CA

Amelia  McQueen

Amelia McQueen

Chief of Staff at Journey

Washington, DC

Bradley  Fadem

Bradley Fadem

Office of Institutional Advancement Chief of Staff at The Pingry School

New Jersey

Casey  Smirniotopoulos

Casey Smirniotopoulos

Global Marketing Chief of Staff at Ekata


Shannon  Rowland

Shannon Rowland

Chief of Staff at Legacy Venture

Palo Alto

Cassie  England

Cassie England

Acting Chief of Staff at Indeed


George Branch

George Branch

Chief of Staff to CFO at Checkr

San Francisco

Katrina  Wardell

Katrina Wardell

Chief of Staff at Sylva

SF Bay Area

Kareema Thomas

Kareema Thomas

Design Program Manager, Design Operations at HashiCorp

Los Angeles

Mohit  Khullar

Mohit Khullar

Founder's Office - Strategy and Operations at Renegade Insurance

Delhi, India

Aly Larson

Aly Larson

Chief of Staff at Kaleidoscope

Minneapolis, MN

Taylor  Murphy

Taylor Murphy

Operations Manager at The Ad Hoc Group, LLC


Viktoria Klianeva

Viktoria Klianeva

VP Operations at Aleph Alpha


Jen  Fortuna

Jen Fortuna

Chief of Staff at CIBC Bank USA


Annie  Yu

Annie Yu

Chief of Staff to the President at Insider


Sonal  Agarwal

Sonal Agarwal

Chief of Staff at Dell Technologies


Emily  Pik

Emily Pik

Founder at Propel

Los Angeles

Konrad Gessler

Konrad Gessler

Chief of Staff at CasaOne

San Francisco

Nadine  Haibt

Nadine Haibt


Heilbronn, Germany

Laura Shaw

Laura Shaw

Head of Ops & Customer Experience at Enigma


Krista  Candela

Krista Candela

Chief of Staff at Star Cypress Partners

Washington DC

Meaghan  Collins

Meaghan Collins

Chief of Staff at Tusk


Cecilia  Oxford

Cecilia Oxford

CoS at Seso


Gregory  Ormsby

Gregory Ormsby

Chief of Staff at Microsoft

Seattle, Washington

Lara  Donahue

Lara Donahue

Chief of Staff at Amper Music

New York

Craig  McIlwaine

Craig McIlwaine

Senior Leadership Team - Regulatory Solutions at FD Technologies

New York City

Emily Wood

Emily Wood

Partnerships at Ledgy


Kevin  Lau

Kevin Lau

Chief of Staff at CrowdRiff


Jenna  Doe

Jenna Doe

Chief of Staff, Head of Operations at Ansa Biotechnologies, Inc.

Emeryville, CA

Jess Little

Jess Little

Chief Of Staff at Catch


Vickie  Nickel

Vickie Nickel

Chief of Staff at Convoso


L.J. Slan

L.J. Slan

Chief of Staff at ASW Distillery

Atlanta, Ga.

Kristina  Francisco

Kristina Francisco

Chief of Staff at Hugging Face


Eva  Marie Costello

Eva Marie Costello

Chief of Staff at Springboard

San Francisco

Phynia Dam Hong

Phynia Dam Hong

Chief of Staff at Kin Fertility


Caroline  Brockett

Caroline Brockett

Chief of Staff at Bravado

San Francisco

Doug  Bernard

Doug Bernard

Chief of Staff at HomeWorks Energy

Bay Area

Henry  Pellicoro

Henry Pellicoro

Chief of Staff to the CEO at SevenRooms


Hallie  Warner

Hallie Warner

Chief of Staff at Adam Hergenrother Companies


Samantha  Dabek

Samantha Dabek

Chief of Staff at strongDM


Allan Ramsay

Allan Ramsay

Chief of Staff to CRO at Kandji


Diana  Wagner

Diana Wagner

People Chief of Staff at Point B


Hannah  Kerby

Hannah Kerby

Chief of Staff at MATTE Projects

New York, NY

Shasta  Olarte

Shasta Olarte

Snr Program Manager at Square

Oakland, CA

Jake  Mitchell

Jake Mitchell

Chief of Staff and VP of Legal at Athelas

SF Bay Area

Alexis  Kardias

Alexis Kardias

Chief of Staff at Stellar Pizza

Los Angeles

Emily  Cusmano

Emily Cusmano

Chief of Staff at Generation Income Properties


Shannon  Smithers

Shannon Smithers

Chief of Staff at PicassoMD

Washington, DC

Lesley-Anne  Caporelli

Lesley-Anne Caporelli

Head Business Operations / CoS at Janssen

Charleston, SC

Hester  Lanting

Hester Lanting

Chief of Staff at SPOUTS of Water

Kampala, Uganda

Sarah  Castillo

Sarah Castillo

CoS at Staffbase

Shirley Wu

Shirley Wu

Chief Of Staff at Thayer Street Partners

New York

Mary  Prager

Mary Prager

Chief of Staff at Lithic

New York

Tal  Wasser

Tal Wasser


San Francisco

Allison Ceppi

Allison Ceppi

Chief of Staff at Roundtable Entertainment

Los Angeles, CA

Adrianne  Paulsen

Adrianne Paulsen

Chief of Staff at Outside Inc.

SF Bay Area

Priyanka  Peeramsetty

Priyanka Peeramsetty

Chief Of Staff at Peppo


Kadie  Glenn

Kadie Glenn

Chief of Staff at UpSkill Digital


Rico  Ashab

Rico Ashab

Chief of Staff at Destination DC

Washington, DC

Joe  Hsu

Joe Hsu

VP, Strategic Programs & Chief of Staff at BigTime Software


Courtney  Robinson

Courtney Robinson

Sr. Director, Chief of Staff, Office of the CFO at Citrix Systems Inc.

Greater Philadelphia Area

Natasha  Betancourt

Natasha Betancourt

Chief of Staff at CleanSpark (CLSK)

Las Vegas, NV

Jay  Krause

Jay Krause

Chief of Staff at InvestNext

Hamilton, ON

Michelle  Banham

Michelle Banham

CoS at Offsite


Rhea  Lynn

Rhea Lynn

Senior Executive Assistant at Cognitive Space

Houston, Texas

Rebecca Greenhalgh

Rebecca Greenhalgh

Sales Chief of Staff at OneTrust


Amy  Smith

Amy Smith

Chief of Staff, SMB & International at Indeed

Denver/Boulder, Colorado

Nika  Shclover

Nika Shclover

Chief of Staff to CEO at Token


Suren Ruhela

Suren Ruhela

Chief of Staff at Google Inc

Los Altos, California

Ashleigh  Nguyen

Ashleigh Nguyen

Chief of Staff to the COO at Lyten

San Jose, CA

Faith  Bey

Faith Bey

Chief of Staff at Irembo ltd

Kigali, Rwanda

Sarah  Catford

Sarah Catford

Chief of Staff at UpGuard

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Blair  Harris

Blair Harris

Chief of Staff, Government Relations and Public Policy at Twilio

Richmond, VA

Carol  King

Carol King

Chief of Staff at National Marine Sanctuary Foundation

Washington, DC

Alex Melamed

Alex Melamed

Chief of Staff to the CEO at Payhawk


Jessica  Jensen

Jessica Jensen

Vice President & Chief of Staff at Young America’s Foundation

Alexandria, Virginia

Jessica  Chan

Jessica Chan

Chief of Staff at Champions Round

Mufreesboro, TN

Mark Abman

Mark Abman

Chief of Staff at Alethea Group


Corinn  Carter

Corinn Carter

Chief of Staff at Good Month Labs

Bend, OR

Tarikah Travis

Tarikah Travis

ESG Operations Lead at Indeed

Denver, CO

Bonnie  Brieden

Bonnie Brieden

Chief of Staff to the CEO at Plato


Melanie  Figler

Melanie Figler

COS at Redtail Technology