Hire your NEXT Chief of Staff


Every founder, CEO and company are different. Hiring a Chief of Staff, in particular, is not a one-size-fits-all recruiting decision. The set of skills, personality traits and experience that make certain people proficient in this role are highly variable. In a way, it takes one to know one.

This is a specialty hire that requires distinct attention. We actively consult with CEO’s to help identify what he/she is looking for in a CoS, how the company will utilize and operate alongside this new face in the executive room and how the role will grow in the organization over time.


Having worked as Chiefs of Staff ourselves, we understand the nuances in work experiences, skill-sets and personalities that make high-quality candidates well-suited for this position. We believe smart people surround themselves with other smart people.

We source candidates through our network of Chiefs of Staff, identifying a small but qualified candidate pool suited for fledgling startups, scaling businesses or large enterprises.

Onboarding & Professional Development

At its core, the Chief of Staff Network is a private community and knowledgebase with Chief of Staff members joining from high-growth companies all around the world. The shared resources and access to other Chiefs of Staff of all size businesses is critical to managing effective executive teams, facilitating internal communication, managing culture, taking on special projects, understanding role progression and more.

We work with your new Chief of Staff on an ongoing basis to give them exposure to other successful operators to learn what is and is not working. Both in the community and in 1:1 mentorship we help ensure the success of your newest Chief.

Aspiring CoS?

You're in luck! Members of the Network are also always looking for great replacements for themselves.