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Private Community

Our members come from the fastest growing and most successful startups and enterprises around the world. We create a trusted space for Chiefs of Staff to share experiences and solve challenges together.
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Intimate Networking

CoS Pods are member-led peer-to-peer work sessions designed to help develop key traits like collaboration, teamwork, communication, and emotional intelligence essential to effective leadership.
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Live Development Tracks

CoS Development tracks are live cohort-based transformational learning experiences with world-class speakers aimed at developing the key skills necessary to to master this role.
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Tailored Programming

The Chief of Staff role is always evolving. Regular roundtable discussions, workshops, and events create unlimited opportunities to connect and learn.
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Mentorship & Coaching

We understand the challenges of navigating the Chief of Staff role. Access a network of advisors and professional coaches with previous experience in Chief of Staff roles.
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Resource Library

Leverage a growing Knowledge Hub of CoS playbooks and curated content geared towards every situation a Chief of Staff may encounter.

What our members have to say

The mental models and frameworks were fantastic! Having a practical resource that I can go back to is really helpful. It was also great to hear about the experiences of more seasoned CoS -- I found that to be particularly helpful for both new insights, and validation on my approaches/thinking.

Sara Zabukovec

Sara Zabukovec

fmr Chief of Staff at A Cloud Guru

Tangible products to take away from these sessions were very useful. While great to have the “think big” conversations, it was also very nice to be able to walk away and come BACK to a real template or written framework to guide/reference.

Justin Shore

Justin Shore

Chief of Staff, FirstNet Authority

I came across Chief of Staff Network when considering the CoS role for the first time and found the content about the role was so helpful, I immediately became a member when I officially started the position. The content and connections continued to be invaluable throughout my entire CoS journey, so much so that I was able to work myself out of the job and into a founder role faster than I anticipated. Highly recommend!

Katie Murphy

Katie Murphy

fmr Chief of Staff at HackerU

The Chief of Staff Network has been a blessing as I ventured into a unique position that was new - not only for myself but also for SumUp. Having access to this community makes my life easier as we’re all facing similar challenges and can freely exchange on ideas and solutions.

Jacques Hoerter

Jacques Hoerter

Chief of Staff at SumUp

I recently joined the Chief of Staff Network and have already made some amazing connections. When you're a chief of staff, you're often the only person in the company with that job title -- the COS Network has people in your shoes, and it's a great place for advice, brainstorming, and community. Highly recommend!

David Burt

David Burt

Chief Of Staff at Atlantic Media

This group is invaluable for anyone that wants to succeed at a scaling start-up in a Chief of Staff role. No matter what challenge is thrown at you in the role (and you will see it all), someone in the group has been through it and can provide great insight into how they tackled the issue.

Mike Maseda

Mike Maseda

Chief of Staff at Prompt

This community has been a wonderful benefit to me personally as I've continued to grow in the role and coached others.

Stephen Olmstead

Stephen Olmstead

fmr VP, Chief of Staff at InVision

The CoS Network brings a group of solution oriented minds together into an environment set up for collaboration and sharing of best practices. The role can be ambiguous and challenging- participating in this community of support means being able to share what you know and accelerate your impact as you lean on others’ learnings. The experience has been an invaluable investment in my career.

Mary Kate Sinha

Mary Kate Sinha

Chief of Staff at Plastiq

The Chief of Staff Network is the preeminent one-stop shop for impactful Chief of Staff resources, relationship building, and knowledge sharing. The talented members of this community provide invaluable job insights to one another, forging career-changing connections for years to come.

Tyler Young

Tyler Young

Chief of Staff to the CFO, Braze

The Chief of Staff Network has allowed me to build meaningful relationships with industry professionals, as well as learn from other Chiefs of Staff in a safe and productive space.

Conor Sweeney

Conor Sweeney

Chief of Staff, Box

The Chief of Staff Network has been an invaluable resource since the day I started the role. Through monthly sessions discussing CoS related topics, or just having a support group with shared experience, the community has been one of the centerpieces of my tenure as a Chief of Staff.

Leland Chamlin

Leland Chamlin

Chief of Staff, Bowery Farming

Join a community of world-class operators

Find a peer group excited to engage, discuss, and learn from one another.

Alexis  Teixeira

Alexis Teixeira

Chief of Staff at Carta

Emily  Smith

Emily Smith

Board Advisor at Joyn

Development Tracks

Chief of Staff Master Track

Development Tracks are live cohort-based transformational learning experiences designed and guided by former Chiefs of Staff. The Chief of Staff Master Track is designed for experienced Chiefs of Staff that want to accelerate their operational and leadership skills.

Operating Systems for Scale

Building Scalable Businesses
Deep dive into the operating models that will enable your team and business to kickstart and navigate hyper-growth.

Applying your Skill Set

Becoming the “Master Generalist”
Learn how to balance being a Jack or Jill of all trades vs. mastering a few and leveraging a generalist mindset to accelerate your path to leadership.

Execution vs. Strategy

Driving Strategic Initiatives
Evolve from a position of pure execution to one of strategy, planning and coordination. Get the tools and insights to develop actionable frameworks to spearhead new strategy initiatives that will drive your business and career forward.

Expanding your Role Responsibilities

Bridging the C-Suite Gap
As a rising CoS you’re being groomed to operate in the most senior levels of your organization. Engage in a trusted environment to discuss the tactics and mental models to get the highest value from your Chief of Staff experience.

New member cohorts launching every month!

CoS Master Track cohort launches in May.


This overview of the Chief of Staff Network aims to help potential CoS Network members and their employers better understand the community and programs offered. 

What is the Chief of Staff Network

Chief of Staff Medium Blogs Link

The Chief of Staff Network (LinkedIn) was founded in 2016 as a community hub and learning platform for Chiefs of Staff to connect, share best practices and learn the skill sets that would help them and their teams operate at their highest level. Our members have actively contributed research, shared learnings and stories, and professional development resources to help operators excel and organizations to best utilize the role.

Our team’s unique experience working in CoS roles and coaching leaders at some of the fastest growing companies in the world has enabled us to develop programs custom-designed to address the types of tactical challenges and career questions every CoS faces. We offer purpose-built networking and learning opportunities to accelerate our members’ careers. 

Who is involved in the CoS Network?

Chief of Staff Medium Blogs Link

As our community has evolved, we’ve welcomed hundreds of Chiefs of Staff from early stage startups to high-growth companies, non-profits, and public companies across a variety of industries around the world. Membership is by application only. We review every applicant individually validating previous career experience, role & responsibilities as a CoS, and their employer.

Many of our members have also moved on from the CoS role itself developing into business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors and continue to engage with the Network in an advisory capacity. 

Years of Experience

0-5 - 30%
5-10 - 40%
10-15 - 20%
15+ - 6%

Male / Female

~45% / 55%

CoS Level Ranges (1-5)

Most members identify as being between Level 3-4, with an eye to leveling up at least one step within the 18-36 months they will be doing the role (typical role rotation of a CoS). See CoS Network Leveling Framework.

Selected Members

Conor Sweeney — CoS at Box
Stephen Olmstead — CoS at InVision
Tyler Young — CoS at Braze
Maggie Fisher — CoS at Diligent
Winnie Wang — CoS at Oscar Health
Leland Chamlin — CoS at Bowery Farming
Lily Mintz — CoS at Bitly

Selected Advisors

Lindsay Schweigler — Head of Design Operations at Apple & Fmr. CoS at Dropbox
Kyle Estes — Dir Of Technology Operations, Capsule & Fmr. CoS at Flatiron Health
Maggie Hsu — Global Business Development, AWS & Fmr. CoS at Zappos
Graham Neray — Co-founder & CEO, Oso & Fmr. CoS @ MongoDB
Nik Milanović — BD & Strategy, Google Finance / Pay & Fmr. Head of Strategy at Petal
Tani Brown — Head of Community & Fmr. CoS at Jopwell

What can I expect as a member of the CoS Network?

Chief of Staff Medium Blogs Link

We don’t believe great leaders can learn everything they need to know about their role and develop meaningful skills or relationships in a course that lasts only a few weeks. We purposefully develop our programming to accommodate Chiefs of Staff at all stages of their career path and to provide ongoing support, resources, and community for when our members need it most.

  1. CoS Development Tracks — We run a series of interactive learning programs catered to different elements of a Chief of Staff experience. Each program consists of highly engaging video lessons, live virtual presentations with subject-matter experts, peer group discussions, and much more. Successful completion of each Track results in a Chief of Staff Network certification.

    - Foundations Track: 3 week interactive program designed equally for new or current Chiefs of Staff that want to maximize their leadership potential and impact on their team. Topics include Understanding and Communicating your Purpose, Building your Credibility, Becoming a Thought Partner, and Getting to Steady State.

    - Master Track: 4 week intensive learning program designed to maximize the tactical and leadership skills that will accelerate your team and career. Topics include Building Scalable Businesses, Driving Strategic Initiatives, Becoming the “Master Generalist”, Bridging the C-Suite Gap, and more.

    - Navigation Track:
    2 week program designed specifically to answer the looming questions every CoS and principal face - how to best navigate the position? Topics include expanding the scope and responsibilities of a CoS, paths to grow into other senior operating positions, applying generalist skills to entrepreneurship, and more.
  2. Knowledge Hub — The largest selection of CoS playbooks, operational frameworks and guides, and other resources generated by members of the community.
  3. Chief of Staff Pods — Join other Chiefs of Staff in private, small group sessions to share best practices on your role. Pods are designed to develop key traits like collaboration, teamwork, empathy, communication, and emotional intelligence essential to effective leadership.
  4. CoS Connections— Opt-in programs to connect with other CoS based on company size, experience level, location, industry and more.
  5. Robust Community — Our members engage with one another online in Slack and through our local community Chapters to meet in person.
  6. Local Chapters — Dedicated Chapter Heads lead the community in major tech hubs around the world including San Francisco, New York and London. ~20% of members are located outside these cities. New Chapters launching soon include Austin, Toronto, Berlin, and Sydney.
  7. Advisor Connections & Mentorship — A hand-selected group of former CoS donate their time and attention to helping our members develop key skills and a clearer understanding of their role and career path. Many are certified professional coaches and offer their coaching services for additional fees as well.
  8. Ongoing Events — As continuous learners in rapidly changing environments, we believe it’s important to maintain a great schedule of live events that help CoS connect with one another in social settings, learn from their peers in dedicated roundtable discussions, and interact with other subject matter experts.
  9. CoS Annual Summit — In partnership with career advisory and recruiting service, Prime Chief of Staff, the CoS Network will host a virtual summit for Chiefs of Staff around the world, combining various leaders, resources, and networking opportunities into a 2-day packed agenda. CoS Network members joining before Sept 1 will get access to the Summit at no extra cost.

What is the cost of the CoS Network?

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The CoS Network has an annual fee of $739 to join. We offer a monthly payment option of $65/month as well. All memberships are annual. Memberships are payable through corporate credit card and can be split between employer and employee if desired.

We believe the value in learning & development for Chiefs of Staff vastly outweighs the cost of membership. Many of our members have been active Chiefs of Staff in the community for years and continue to learn and grow as we add new members and develop new programs. We’re excited to help every CoS develop further into their role or take the next step as leaders in other areas of their organizations.

Reach out to Scott Amenta, scott@chiefofstaff.network for more information.

We look forward to welcoming your Chief of Staff to our community!

Have additional questions?

Chief of Staff Medium Blogs Link

‍Reach out to Scott Amenta, scott@chiefofstaff.network for more information.