Chief of Staff Pods

Pod Benefits

Peer-to-peer cohort

Get real-time tactical advice from a hand-selected group of peers in similar positions through group discussion and breakouts.


Solve problems in real-time

Your job is extremely dynamic and problems are constantly arising. Having regular mastermind calls will help solve your challenges.

Build Real Relationships

Through facilitated mastermind calls with breakout rooms, you will connect with peers in real and authentic ways.

Overview of the Quarterly Pods

Learn & Execute


  1. A new cohort of Pods launches at the beginning of each quarter!
  2. A hand-selected group of Chiefs of Staff meet 1x per month for an intensive 45 minute conversation for 3 months.
  3. Pod mastermind sessions are community-led 45 minute conversations
  4. Groups of consist of 5-10 people
  5. Discussions will be based on a speed hot-seat format
Learn & Execute


  1. You should plan to participate in your Pod for the entire 3 months.
  2. Two meetings are scheduled at different times (12pm / 6pm ET) on the same day for coverage to our global community.
  3. You should plan to attend at the same selected time for all 3 sessions.

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