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Executive & Team Meetings Template - from Kevin Fishner, CoS at HashiCorp

Executive & Team Meetings Template - from Kevin Fishner, CoS at HashiCorp

[ORG-012] HashiCorp Leadership Team Weekly Meetings and Quarterly Offsites Summary: Goals and format for weekly and quarterly HLT meetings Created: Jan 28, 2020 Status: WIP | In-Review | Approved | Obsolete

Owner: kevin@hashicorp.com Contributors: rcohen@hashicorp.com Approvers: dave@

Background This RFC documents changes to our operating cadence to follow a more consistent schedule each quarter. The desired state of the operating cadence relies on consistent HashiCorp Leadership Team (HLT) meetings on a weekly and quarterly basis to keep the company on target to reach its fiscal year goals. This RFC documents the goals and format for the HLT weekly meetings and quarterly offsites.

Proposal HLT has two recurring meeting types — weeklies and quarterly offsites. The weeklies are every Monday at 1:30pm PT. The quarterly offsites are currently midway through the quarter, but will likely change in FY22 to be the fourth week of every quarter in accordance with the operating cadence.

HLT Quarterly Offsites

Goals ● Longform discussion on the top company challenges. These challenges are surfaced from product line, theater, and functional QBRs in week 3. Those QBRs review the state of the state and give the HLT insight into what is performing well and what needs support. ● Team building ● Fiscal year planning

Format - Q1/Q2 The format is slightly different by quarter since Q3/Q4 have fiscal year planning considerations

● Day 1: Discussions on key company challenges ● Day 2: Team building activity

Format - Q3 (planning starts) ● Day 1: Functional scorecards and headcount plan drafts due ● Day 2: Discussion on key company challenges

Format - Q4 (planning nearing completion) ● Day 1: Discussion on key company challenges ● Day 2: Headcount trading

HLT Weeklies

Goals ● Follow up on the action items from the HLT offsite to make sure we address the discussed challenges ● Once a month review progress on the key company priorities for the year. The 5 for FY21 are cloud, consul, land/expand/renew, leaders at every level, and company operating system. A monthly review ensures we keep these priorities top of mind. ● Highlight other strategic work across the company and give rising leaders more executive visibility.

Format ● 30min of guest presenters highlighting strategic work. This is usually two 15min sessions ● 30min of HLT action items review

Improvements ● More non-executive ownership of HLT action items. We need to make sure we're delegating work down into the organization and giving opportunities for growth. ● More data in our reviews and decision making. Scorecards are a good step in this direction and hopefully we can establish other mediums for reviewing company performance data.

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