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Best Practices of Using an Extended Leadership Team Structure

Best Practices of Using an Extended Leadership Team Structure

Aim to get clarity on what the ELT can and should mean for your company. It can be different and at different companies and can be called a management group. 

One effective approach in how an ELT could be used well: have a daily stand-up meeting among stakeholders where everyone quickly shares updates and problems  

Your ELT could start to break when company reaches 50, 150 and/or 400 employees. Try to be proactive about this. 

Senior leadership may not always trust ELT to make decisions. How to solve this? Foster and improve trust among stakeholders. 

You can use ELT team meetings to get alignment around overall big, company problems.

How to improve ELT meetings: Making sure you have the right people in the room. 

-in between meetings: think about how to improve communication flow async in Notion, with Loom, etc. 

Among larger teams and topics, understand who is the decision maker and understand how decisions get made (i.e. decision making process). Provide as much clarity upfront about the decision making process as you can. 


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