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Key Takeaways: Company All Hands


Emily Smith


Emily Smith

Jul 13, 2021


Key Takeaways: Company All Hands

Key Takeaways: Company All Hands

Hosting All Hands:- Have other people besides the exec team host all hands. This helps with visibility across the org and keeps people interested.

Content Suggestions:- New Hires and Anniversaries- Important Company-Wide Announcements- Live Recognition, Praise, or Shoutouts- Deep dive on Specific Departments - It’s helpful to template the department updates, so everyone knows what to expect and to keep people on track with timing. - If reviewing Goals/OKRs, keep it high level - Don’t get too in the weeds. People who are not in that specific department might get lost in the details.- Company Business Review- Financials Deep Dive (with explanations as to how this impacts people)- Industry and Competitive Rundowns- CEO shares what is inspiring them and their aspirations for the business- CEO State of the Union- Customer Quotes and Stories

Possible meeting structures:- Weekly - Less formal content - Have different meeting types, so people know what to expect each week, such as: - Week 1: Leadership AMA - Week 2: Business and OKR Updates - Week 3: Panels or Lunch & Learns - Week 4: Department Takeovers - It’s helpful to label the types of meetings that you are having on the calendar so people can get a preview of the agenda. - Monthly- Quarterly - Higher quality of programming, more structured - Some of the less formal content that can be done at an all hands are often not included in all hands and called a different meeting at this cadence: Roadshows, Lunch and Learns, Community of Practice, Town Halls, AMAs

Meeting Followup:- Make sure to send a note after all hands with a few quick bullets on what Exec wants people to take away from and absorb during all hands.- Send a survey afterwards: - Do you understand the company’s vision? (Y, N, M) - Do you understand how the company is performing and what are are doing to improve? (Y, N, M)


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