Tracking KPIs and Benchmarking for Chief of Staff

Tracking KPIs and Benchmarking for Chief of Staff

Tracking KPIs and Benchmarking for Chief of Staff

Tracking KPIs and Benchmarking for Chief of Staff
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As a new chief of staff in your company, you must prioritize understanding your company’s process and planning cycles. Since your primary task is to maintain excellence in your company, you must know what goes on at every stage and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

The chief of staff will have a plan and implement processes that execute it accordingly. To craft a relevant plan, the chief of staff must have clear data. Then, they can communicate the metrics to executive teams, so everyone knows their role in moving forward. You can collect these metrics by tracking KPIs and benchmarks. Here is a closer look at these fundamentals for the chief of staff.

Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are essential tools that help measure your company’s progress. They determine what your organization needs to become successful. As chief of staff, you must establish this tool in your company’s primary operations to keep track of your projects.

When there’s a specific goal, each department will have unique tasks and projects that contribute to its overall success. Some tools to track these tasks and determine their effectiveness include Asana, Geckoboard, and Salesforce. What you choose will depend on your preferences and needs.


Implementing benchmarks for your company helps you understand your edge over competitors. You would measure similar products, services, and KPIs of competing organizations. This way, you can assess what works for them and how that can translate to your operations, as you build and improve from it.

As chief of staff, you must be steps ahead of your competition. With benchmark initiatives, you can evaluate how other organizations are faring in your industry, use their performance as a basis for your future strategies, and adapt accordingly to achieve your goals.

Objectives and Key Results

However, you may prefer objectives and key results (OKRs) over KPIs and benchmarks. These factors are frameworks that measure if your company is on track to achieve its goals. Each OKR represents a goal and has unique metrics that measure its level of achievement

You may prefer tracking OKRs because they encompass KPIs, giving you a more comprehensive approach to keeping track of your tasks. Some OKR tools that help you set clear and effective goals include CultureAmp, Timely, and ClickUp. Once again, your preferences and objectives will factor into the platform you select.

Final Words

Although every member of a company has a useful function and unique purpose, the Chief of Staff ensures everything is in place. You manage, strategize, and execute the initiatives that bring you to your goals. All teams will answer to their department leaders, who then report to you. Then, you relay each area’s progress to the CEO.

To keep everyone on the same page, you can track KPIs, OKRs, and benchmarks using different tools. Your chosen platform will depend on your company’s unique needs and preferences in structuring goals. Regardless, every chief of staff must understand these fundamentals. Maintain excellence in your company by including these basics in your operations, and join the network of Chief of Staff fundamentals today!

Tracking KPIs and Benchmarking for Chief of Staff

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