Elevating Board Management: Strategies for Efficiency and Empowerment

Elevating Board Management: Strategies for Efficiency and Empowerment

Elevating Board Management: Strategies for Efficiency and Empowerment

Elevating Board Management: Strategies for Efficiency and Empowerment
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With regard to board management and investor relations, many Chiefs of Staff find themselves grappling with the challenges of preparation, communication, and engagement. Sara McCaskey, a content strategist at Surfboard—a platform designed to make board management easier—shares her insights on transforming these challenges into opportunities for improvement and efficiency. Drawing from Surfboard's extensive research and her own expertise, McCaskey offers tactical strategies that are not only practical but also instrumental in enhancing board and investor relationships.

Unlock the True Potential of Board Meetings

Rethinking Prep Work

Board meeting preparation is notoriously time-consuming, often riddled with stress and last-minute scrambles to gather information. However, McCaskey argues that simplification is key. By transitioning from elaborate slide decks to concise memos, organizations can not only save precious time but also foster a more focused and productive discussion. Sharing these memos ahead of the meeting not only prepares board members for what’s to come but eliminates the element of surprise—allowing for a smoother, more engaged meeting experience.

Mastering the Art of Communication

On the topic of communication, McCaskey emphasizes the importance of regular updates. The frequency and consistency of board and investor updates play a pivotal role in keeping all parties informed and engaged. Surfboard’s research shows that the act of sending updates, regardless of their length or depth, significantly contributes to investor satisfaction. Encouraging a routine of sharing, even casual updates, can keep your company top of mind and demonstrate ongoing progress and transparency—factors that weigh heavily in decisions about future funding and other opportunities

Engagement and Analytics Tools

Addressing the challenge of engagement, McCaskey advises the use of dedicated tools that offer analytics and permissions controls. These tools not only provide insights into who is engaging with the updates but also ensure sensitive information is managed responsibly. Through strategic use of technology, organizations can enhance governance and maintain better control over their information flow.

Accountability and Post-Meeting Action

Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of board management is post-meeting follow-up. McCaskey highlights the importance of establishing a clear process for translating meeting discussions into actionable tasks. By assigning owners to each task and delegating responsibilities evenly—including to board members—you ensure progress and foster a culture of accountability.

A Collaborative Approach to Governance

At the core of McCaskey’s strategies is the principle of collaboration. Viewing board members and investors not just as overseers but as advocates and resources can dramatically change the dynamics of board management. By engaging them in a two-way relationship, leveraging their expertise, and setting mutual expectations for accountability, companies can unlock a wealth of resources and support.


Board management is evolving, and with the right approach, it can become less of a stressor and more of an asset. By adopting McCaskey's strategies, including simplifying prep work, regularizing communication, leveraging technology for engagement, and strengthening follow-up and governance practices, organizations can transform their board and investor relationships. These relationships, as McCaskey keenly observes, hold the potential not only to guide companies through challenges but also to propel them towards new opportunities and successes.

For those looking to dive deeper into board management best practices, Surfboard offers a plethora of resources, including guides, templates, and detailed industry reports. Embracing these tools and strategies can lead to a more efficient, accountable, and transparent board management process, ultimately driving your company to new heights.

If you want to learn more about improving your board management practices, resolving board challenges, or using a dedicated board management tool, you can schedule 1:1 time with the Surfboard team.

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