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Jul 10, 2024

Chief of Staff


The Chief of Staff (CoS) is a critical role that combines strategic leadership and operational excellence to be a trusted advisor and leader for their team. The role at Atlassian is aligned to support senior leaders* and requires either previous experience in a relevant domain ,or demonstrated aptitude to advise in a new domain.



  • Ensures the leader(s) are focusing on the most important priorities for the day/week/month
  • Helps create bandwidth by representing leader(s) in key meetings in their stead
  • Keeps leaders accountable for commitments, while helping keep reports accountable for results


  • Amplifies the team by helping the team become more effective and being responsible for executing special projects
  • Examples can include:
    • Investigating root causes of departmental challenges and connecting teams to solve them
    • Drafting strategy for growth, scale, or evolution
    • Leading cross-functional initiatives


  • At Atlassian, we strive to design equitable, explainable, and competitive compensation programs
  • Base pay within the range is ultimately determined by a candidate's skills, expertise, or experience
  • Current base pay ranges for new hires in each zone are:
    • Zone A: $191,900 - $255,900
    • Zone B: $172,800 - $230,300
    • Zone C: $159,300 - $212,400
  • This role may also be eligible for benefits, bonuses, commissions, and equity


You will:

  • Run high-visibility projects (which range from analytics deep dives, customer insights, operational efficiency, change management, team off-sites, and annual planning)
  • Enable the team to prioritize and get after what is most impactful for our customers, and identifying any roadblocks that might get in the way
  • Ensure the team is a smoothly running engine, with team wellness and high engagement at the core, enabling:
    • Healthy team collaboration
    • Efficient project management
    • Robust data and reporting
    • Effective stakeholder communication


On your first day, we'll expect you to have:

  • 15+ years of relevant professional experience in program and operational management
  • Experience turning a strategy into executable plans and driving high-visibility projects
  • An analytic prowess, drive to support decisions with data, and the ability to make data digestible to varied audiences (big data, financial models, etc.)
  • Experience in diagnosing pain points for teams, moving them to good, and going the extra mile to ensure they are great
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Jul 10, 2024
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