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Focused Fundraising

Focused Fundraising


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1) Develop relationships before you need them, but don’t be afraid to hold back.%20Develop%20relationships%20before%20you%20need,While)

2) Raise or don’t raise — don’t let it drag.%20Raise%20or%20don%E2%80%99t%20raise%20%E2%80%94,As)

3) Remember that it will be stressful no matter what — and prepare for the sting.%20Remember%20that%20it%20will%20be,Even)

4) Bring discipline to your deck by focusing on the story.%20Bring%20discipline%20to%20your%20deck,As)

5) Do diligence on your investors.%20Do%20diligence%20on%20your%20investors.,For)