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Fundraising 101 Fireside

Fundraising 101 Fireside

We were very fortunate to have Micah Rosenbloom join us for this fireside chat.

Micah is seed stage investor and Managing Partner at Founder Collective. He was previously the cofounder of three startups (2 of which had successful exits). Those included —

🤝 Handshake.com (1998) - Marketplace for local services

🦷 Brontes Technologies (2003) - 3D scanner that replaced the dental impression (acquired by 3M)

🦠 Sample6 Technologies (2010) - Food safety diagnostics company (acquired by IEH)

Micah is an investor in a number of companies that you’ve probably heard of investing broadly across Health Tech, CPG, Crypto, Ecommerce, Sass, marketplaces and more.

In this session Micah and Scott discussed Micah's past experiences and path to venture capital, latest trends in the venture market, the rise of CoS roles at startups and growth companies and best practices Chiefs of Staff can follow to support their teams through fundraising processes, investor relations, board meetings and more.

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