Annual Planning Framework Roundtable



Oct 22, 2021


Annual Planning Framework Roundtable

Topics raised:

  • how to plan when working with two different teams 
  • what to do when an off-site is cancelled and it’s not harder to collaborate and execute 
  • how uncertainty with fundraising can effect annual planning  
  • looking at your OKR review cadence to see if adjusting it could improve performance 
  • transitioning your company into a company-wide OKR process as the company scales
  • getting buy-in and people onboard with annual planning process and decisions

Ideas mentioned:

  • to start with a Q3 post-mortem to get into the right mindset right before starting Q4 planning
  • think about annual planning similar to their strategic planning from a process-standpoint 
  • balancing little changes vs trying to make bigger changes 
  • key role of Chief of Staff: facilitating discussions and making sure your company is having the right conversations and prioritizing the right things
  • two different ways you can set objectives: 1) duality and 2) where objectives are aspirational 

Tool mentioned: for OKRs

Resources shared:

-2022 Annual Operating Plan webinar and related slides

-A way to bring ideas and people together through collaborative feuds

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