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Establishing Your Role as a CoS: Strategies for Success

Establishing Your Role as a CoS: Strategies for Success


As a Chief of Staff (CoS), staking your claim within the company is essential to effectively support your principal and contribute to the organization's success. In a recent discussion, professionals shared their insights on how to establish a strong presence as a CoS. From understanding expectations and leveraging delegation to seeking inspiration from relevant books, this blog post explores valuable strategies to help CoS professionals thrive in their role.

Understanding Expectations and Delegation (Word Count: 150) When it comes to staking your claim as a CoS, the first step is to understand your principal's expectations and clarify where you should focus your time and efforts. One respondent suggested having open conversations to align with your principal's vision and determine areas where you can have the most impact. As a CoS, you serve as a generalist and a force multiplier, zooming in and out as needed to provide support where it is most valuable.

Additionally, the book "Multipliers" was recommended as a resource to gain insights and ideas on how to maximize your effectiveness as a CoS. This book explores the concept of leadership that amplifies the capabilities of others, helping CoS professionals develop strategies to enhance their impact within the organization.

Forging Your Path and Seeking Inspiration: Establishing your claim as a CoS often involves forging your own path within the organization. One participant shared their experience of building the CoS role in a previous organization, emphasizing the importance of taking ownership and creating value in areas where the role had not been clearly defined. By demonstrating the value you bring and actively contributing to the organization's goals, you can establish yourself as an indispensable asset.

Another recommendation offered was the book "Give Away Your Legos and Other Commandments for Scaling Startups." This book provides valuable insights for CoS professionals, offering guidance on delegating responsibilities, empowering others, and scaling organizations effectively. By embracing the principles shared in this book, CoS professionals can shape their role and make a significant impact on organizational growth.

Keys to Success as a CoS: To stake your claim as a CoS and thrive in your role, consider the following strategies:

  1. Understand Expectations: Clarify your principal's expectations and determine where you can provide the most value. Be flexible and adapt as priorities evolve.
  2. Embrace Generalist Role: As a CoS, be prepared to zoom in and out, playing the role of a generalist and force multiplier as needed.
  3. Forge Your Path: Take ownership of your role and create value in areas where the CoS function may not be well-defined. Demonstrate your impact and contribution to establish your presence within the organization.
  4. Seek Inspiration: Draw inspiration from books such as "Multipliers" and "Give Away Your Legos" to gain insights and ideas for enhancing your effectiveness as a CoS.


As a CoS, staking your claim within the company requires understanding expectations, embracing your role as a generalist, and forging your path within the organization. By seeking inspiration from relevant books and actively contributing to the company's success, CoS professionals can establish their presence, maximize their impact, and provide invaluable support to their principals and the organization as a whole.

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