Viswanath Nittala

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London, UK

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Viswanath Nittala

I am a strategist, builder and operator. I help companies scale from 0 to 1. My expertise lies in first principles thinking and leadership. As a side hustle I am an active angel investor. I love assessing industries and business models to address painpoints.

Top Areas of Focus

Business Operations
Business Transformation / Org Change
Exec Team Organization & Mgmt
Growth/Sales & Marketing
Internal Comms
Organizational Structure
Performance Development
Product Development
Project Management
Strategy & Planning
Team Offsites & External Events
Tech & Business Tools (Procurement)
Fundraising & Investor Relations
Strategic Partnerships / BD
Change Management

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Nov 30, 2023

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Perfect sounding board / partner for business problems. I can offer to 1. Be available for calls to support with any challenges my peers might face in their business setting 2. Bring my Linkedin network to help put in connections for my peers where needed


Collaboration with like minded peers. I am a generalist and I would love to seek and share more insights along these lines with the community.