Sam Naylor

Chronological career background... 2 yrs of Commercial Lending @ GE Capital + CIBC 3 yrs of Tech Sales @ Salesforce 6+ in Consulting @ Deloitte - 3 yrs doing implementations on Salesforce's platform - 1+ yrs doing Global Go-to-Market Strategy: Led and operationalized commercialization across five key global regions - 2+ yrs as Canada's Head of Product Growth Ops ----> Built the pre-sales function from scratch by recruiting and on-boarding 10+ Sales Engineers ----> Implemented a Product Advisor role to accelerate scaling solutions towards maturity - 2+ years as Chief of Staff* : Developed the business' first ever accurate P&L dashboard view for product executives * = Fractional Present Chief of Staff responsibilities... Sales - Establishing sales targets + corresponding forecasts - Improving visibility and accuracy for pipeline deals Strategy: Refining the value prop focused on Canada's mid-market clusters Facilitation: Developing a x-border collaborative sales framework with the U.S. counter parts Talent - Create a practitioner community designed to attract/retain talent - Implement and offer training supports for newer leaders in role Fun tid-bits!! Likes: Foodie obsessed with vegan cooking + baking (rarely makes this same thing > 1 time) Dislikes: Olives & pickled foods (unpopular opinion) Fact: Travelled the world playing softball before University Why I'm keen on joining... Gain: - Exposure to new industries & opportunities (ie. ESG, non-professional services, etc.) - Top notch training & relationships to build upon Offer: A perspective around DE&I impact efforts (eg. policy change, public speaking, governance, intersectionality, etc.) NOTE: Not sure how detailed I need to be here. Happy to add as much additional context or information as required. :)

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May 3, 2021

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