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Megan Borsh

Hi Guys! I was a member before it was required to pay to continue. At the time I wasn't in a position to pay to be a member, I was striving for my first official CoS title. Well, I now have it. And I want to talk to my boss about the company footing my membership bill. I'd love an annual pay option for this reason - do you have one? I'm going to say I'm ready to register and pay dues today, but this is the question I need answered before I sign on the dotted line. :)

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Business Operations
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Jan 15, 2024

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Learn something from every job, and you'll never regret your path.


I want to offer the same kinds of help I have needed!


Eager to enter the community dialogue. Also looking forward to chatting with others who can offer me words of wisdom, maybe point me in a direction or two.