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April 9, 2021

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Lindsay Colbus

Having been a founder and small business owner for several years following college, I quickly validated that entrepreneurship was the path that I wanted to continue to pursue (unequivocally!). While I was unable to sustain my business after several years, I walked away knowing that it wasn’t my time, and with that, I knew the next best alternative was to lead alongside someone else’s vision. I have served as a support arm ever since - going on 14 years. I have gained truly unique perspectives, having worked for CEOs, founders, celebrities, and high-net-worth individuals. My most recent experience, working for the CEO and Co-Founder of Splice has been nothing less than an extension of this. Working for a hyper-growth start-up since it’s Series B close, now having just announced our Series D, I have never been more passionate about my position. I have served as a sounding board and unofficial coach to my CEO, and as an operational leader for the executive team over the past three years. I have supported the team through multiple rounds of fundraising, organizational changes, headcount growth, and OKR cycles. I am passionate about operational efficiency and have created and implemented a rhythm to the CEO’s office that reflects this. Just as a small business owner learns on the job, I too have applied this mentality to my position over the years. I take pride in being scrappy and digging for answers when they may not be readily available. I have relied on my professional network for resources, advice, tools, and tactics and have served as the Vice President of the New York Celebrity Assistants organization for the past 4 years. I would like to continue to build my professional network to further align with my career growth.

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Context is king. Make sure to create a communication loop that allows you to connect the dots.


I believe I can offer insight to the community on executive operations within a hyper growth start-up. Specifically how to pivot as the company continues to quickly grow their executive team. I can also share project plans and tips for organizing executive leadership offsites.


I am excited to engage with other folks performing a similar job function as me, especially within the tech start-up, SaaS space. I look forward to having access to a support network of peers who understand and can relate to my work. I believe I can be a resource to others as well. Ultimately, my goal is to continue to grow and expand my knowledge and skill set within this role.