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Lilit Mesyan

Hi team, I’ve been in the Chief of Staff role since March 2023. Previously, I was a Founders Associate and before then - a business development lead. My career prior to Easol spans several tech companies of various sizes, and I gravitated to Easol 3 years ago just after the founders have raised their Seed round. I joined Easol as employee 9, and there are now 80 of us in London, Barcelona, Lisbon and New York. A journey to say the least! In that time, my responsibilities shifter rapidly with the priorities of the business: from sales to hiring, people operation, culture, finance, fundraising, bringing outsourced services in house, as well as supporting my CEO in every aspect of the role. I am looking to join a network of likeminded individuals to share my experience growing with the company, and to learn from others further along in their journey to better equip myself for the future. Thank you for considering my application. Lilit

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