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EdTech / Education

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July 6, 2021

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Katie Murphy

I am currently Chief of Staff & Head of Strategy at HackerU. We are a high-growth technology education company in our third year of operations in the USA. We grew from 46 to 400 employees in 2020 alone. Our mission is to transform lives by educating global learners for the digital careers of tomorrow. We do that through partnering with top tier universities across the US. This is my first CoS role. I have been with the company since August of 2020, first running strategic initiatives which is why I held onto strategy in addition the CoS role. We are in final stages of a significant series A raise with plans to IPO in a few years, so exciting growth plans ahead. Before HackerU I spent 12 years working with hundreds of different companies across capacities in the areas of strategy, operations and innovation. I've worked with companies in various stages of lifecycle, from startup to high-growth and even decline. What I have come to learn is that I love the high-growth space and seem to excel in chaos where I can add the most value. I'm excited to meet like minded individuals, but a tool box for this role and perhaps even make it programmatic for HackerU. My personal goal is to test if I have what it takes to be a CEO at this capacity, 500 plus employees, and my CEO and I see this as a CEO apprenticeship program. Hope to connect with you soon!

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Dec 21, 2020

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EdTech / Education

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11 to 15

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Build trust among your leadership by finding ways to help them, put their needs before your own to start. How can you make their day to day a bit easier to build that bridge.


Strategy, OKRs, Strategic Initiatives, Innovation, Operations, Leadership


CoS toolbox, time management, feedback, scaling CEO, difficult conversations, difficult leaders, what's next, stress