Kate Kleinbaum

Chief of Staff at Emerald Cloud Lab

Pittsburgh, PA

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Kate Kleinbaum

I bring a wealth of experience from my background in product management at a fintech company, where I specialized in enterprise accounting and performance measurement solutions, to my recent role as Chief of Staff at a groundbreaking biotech tools company in Pittsburgh, PA. This new position allows me to leverage my expertise in project and product management, enhancing our mission to expedite scientific research by providing users with a remote-controlled laboratory, making research faster, cheaper, and more accessible. In transitioning to a smaller, innovation-driven environment, I've embraced the challenge of contributing beyond execution, focusing on strategic collaboration and process optimization. On a lighter note, I'm an enthusiast in refinishing furniture, a hobby that not only fills my cup, but also my garage!

Top Areas of Focus

Business Operations
Business Transformation / Org Change
Exec Team Organization & Mgmt
Organizational Structure
People & Culture
Performance Development
Product Development
Project Management
Strategy & Planning
Fundraising & Investor Relations
Strategic Partnerships / BD
Change Management

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Oct 2, 2023

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As a new Chief of Staff, embrace the reality that you're stepping into a role where being fully prepared from the get-go is an impossibility. This position is as dynamic as it is demanding, requiring you to find comfort in uncertainty and adaptability. Your strength lies not in knowing all the answers but in your capacity to learn, adapt, and evolve in real-time.


I'm excited to contribute to our community by blending my extensive background in product management with my experience in team collaboration and my strong writing abilities. My product management mindset allows me to approach challenges with a strategic lens, focusing on delivering value and fostering innovation. I've honed my skills in working within diverse, cross-functional teams, ensuring that every voice is heard and that we collectively drive towards our common goals. Moreover, my strong writing background enables me to effectively communicate complex ideas, share insights, and build narratives that resonate and inspire. I look forward to leveraging these skills to support our community's growth, facilitate knowledge sharing, and contribute to our collective success.


I'm eager to connect with peers, exchange valuable advice, and absorb tactical wisdom that can enhance our collective success and individual growth in our multifaceted roles.