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Kate Fullen

I'm from Dublin originally where I went to Trinity and studied Law & Business. I quickly jumped into the world of venture capital and spent a number of years investing at Pre-seed to series A stage - an incredible industry and learning experience. Last year I decided to jump to the other side of the table and join a seed-stage company as chief of staff. I joined Kota in September and moved to London in November where I'm now based. I live in Hackney and work in Soho - two great areas. I work across operations, strategy, people and finance - so I'm kept on my toes. I love meeting people in similar industries and roles to me and aim to meet at least one new person each week.

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Business Operations
Finance & Accounting
Strategy & Planning
Team Offsites & External Events
Fundraising & Investor Relations

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Sep 18, 2023

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Insight into the venture-capital world, managing investor relationships, fundraising as well as learnings to date from a Seed stage company, building from the ground up!


New connections who have learnings from the CoS role. Playbooks for managing strategy setting and tracking, team build and scaling pain points.