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Javiera Rubio

Hey there, I'm a passionate generalist, proud jack of all trades who is learning this career path called "I'm good at everything but specialised in nothing" :) I know I'm currently a Founders' Associate but in general the COS and me work in similar topics and the natural next step to me is to become a COS therefore I'm interested in joining this community. Currently my company is building its US Expansion strategy and I'm in the lead for that project therefore this community would definitely bring me a LOT of value for this initiative to become true. Apart from this I'm currently looking for a career mentor and I read in your website that this is something you guys also do;) so I'd be super grateful to become part of this network and in the future be able to mentor someone myself!

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Business Operations
Growth/Sales & Marketing
Project Management
Strategy & Planning
Legal & Compliance

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Oct 4, 2023

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