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Current Industry

FinTech / Finance

Date Joined

January 6, 2021

Referred By

Jacques Hörter

Grew up in a small village in the Rhine-region of Germany to a French mum and a German dad. After studying management in Berlin and Paris, I stumbled into the startup world as an intern at SumUp, 12 people at the time. 7 years and a few different roles later (keywords: Salesforce, BizDev, SaaS), I find myself in Boulder, Colorado discovering what it means to be a chief of staff in a 1300 people high-growth organization. I always promised myself to leave once it gets boring - hasn't happened so far.

Top Areas of Focus

Strategy & Planning
People & Culture
Exec Team Organization & Mgmt
Internal Comms

CoS Start Date

Mar 1, 2019

Current Industry

FinTech / Finance

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Previous Experience

Pro Tip

Active listening is probably the most underrated yet universally useful concepts I've come across over the years.