Jacob Siegelbaum

Distilling my Tufts engineering studies into one principle lesson, I was taught to be comfortable with the unknown. After six years of experience in strategy, operations, and people leadership, my tolerance for ambiguity has allowed me to thrive in fast-paced environments. I am people-motivated and find passion in combining my technical skillsets with my enthusiasm for connection - the individuals and systems that I interact with invigorate me. During my career, I have surrounded myself with a diverse community of ideas and teammates, soaking up the knowledge of others and adding my own to the mix. My goal is to perfect the intersection of human capital and business, using a hands-on approach to get the job done. Fun Fact: I can walk on my hands! Pronouns: he/him.

Top Areas of Focus

Business Operations
Business Transformation / Org Change
Exec Team Organization & Mgmt
Organizational Structure
People & Culture
Performance Development
Project Management
Strategy & Planning
Change Management

CoS Start Date

Current Industry

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Previous Experience

Pro Tip

Rather than providing a half-baked answer, admit when you don't know something and follow-up when you do. It builds trust and shows accountability.


I can share any part of my professional journey that interest folks, offering a candid description of my experience. I am especially passionate about authenticity in the workplace and how to foster belonging among colleagues.


I am searching for a new role as a Chief of Staff or in strategy and operations, excited to develop professional toolkit along the way. With aspirations to grow in the operations space, I am keen to lay a strong foundation during this stage of my career.