Ian Owens

Chief of Staff and Associate Director, Strategy & Business Operations at Sporos Bioventures

New York City, NY

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September 23, 2021

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CoS leader with 15+ years of experience driving large-scale organizational and strategic transformations across multiple industries and functions from life sciences, technology, venture capital to government and real estate development. I have supported executives through various business lifecycle stages - such as venture creations, fundraising rounds, IPOs, and clinical trials.

I am a problem solver and take great pride in being a trusted source of dependability, treating people with respect and empathy, and understand the hard work to drive meaningful outcomes. I am passionate about building and enabling cultures and teams to achieve their full potential through a foundation of trust, flexibility, and inclusivity. I am a leader who maintains sound judgment, a strong moral compass, and an even-keeled temperament during times of crisis.

Looking forward to connecting!

Top Areas of Focus

Business Operations
Exec Team Organization & Mgmt
Fundraising & Investor Relations
Strategic Partnerships / BD

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