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Caroline Shaul

Hello Chief of Staff Network! I'm thrilled to be part of this vibrant community. My professional journey has taken me from a classically trained musician to the Chief of Staff at StoryCo, blending diverse experiences that have uniquely prepared me for this wild, fast-paced, multi-faceted role. Throughout my career, I've performed on stage, taught children, community organized with incredible activists, worked for a real estate tycoon as their wealth doubled through the pandemic, and finally ended up in a tech start-up building a groundbreaking storytelling platform. Along the way I’ve cultivated a blend of creativity, adaptability, and inventiveness. My innate sense of community and passion for bringing people together has been a driving force throughout my journey, making it not only my most treasured personality trait but also the catalyst that enables me to excel in the Chief of Staff role. I know that nothing matters if you aren’t passionate about what you do and who you’re working with. One fun fact about me: My go-to answer for this question is that I used to be a professional opera singer - however, my true love has always been the piano. When I became a singer I was so happy because I didn’t have to practice as much, plus the costumes were pretty. Now I daydream of a far-off day when I’m an old, retired lady who has all the time in the world to play on her piano. I look forward to connecting with fellow Chiefs of Staff, learning from your journeys, and contributing to our collective growth and success!

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Apr 10, 2023

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One of my favorite sayings is “everyone is the hero of their own story”. When you’re a CoS you are basically working with an ensemble of characters, each of them involved in their own tasks, job, and career, working towards a collective goal. Taking the time to meet everyone where they are, as the principal character of their own world, and learn who they are and what their wants and aspirations are can help you lead the entire group as a whole.


I like to joke that I’ve “Forrest Gump-ed my way through my career”. But a more eloquent answer to what I bring to this vibrant community is a unique blend of experiences and skills that encompass adaptability and a profound sense of community paired with the work ethic of someone who’s helped produced a lot of storefront theater on a shoestring budget. The 20 year journey of going from a Classical Musician to Chief of Staff has honed my ability to survive and thrive in dynamic, fast-paced environments. My journey has equipped me with a skill set that includes mentorship, inventive problem-solving, and effective communication. Most importantly, my passion for community building and helping people succeed has been instrumental in my success. I believe in meeting everyone where they are and fostering collaboration at every opportunity in order to build strong relationships (and an even stronger team) to inspire innovation. Beyond my skills and experiences, I offer a genuine commitment to helping fellow Chiefs of Staff excel in their roles. I'm always happy to offer support and contribute to our collective growth. I'm here to listen, learn, and collaborate with the community, providing guidance when I can, and sharing the knowledge I have to enhance our collective capabilities.


What I hope to learn from this remarkable community is the art of strategic leadership. I believe the Chief of Staff role is at the intersection of skills and experiences, and in less than a year in the position, I know this is the career path I’ve been searching for. I love learning from a community and am truly looking forward to hearing about everyone’s experiences and using that to help me be the best and most capable CoS that I can be - and how to climb up that ladder so I can reach down and help drag someone else up.