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August 26, 2021

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Austin Crouse

Hi! I'm currently the Chief of Staff at Every Mother, a seed stage health and wellness company in NYC. We're focused on providing research-backed health and wellness information to mothers; currently, we offer a pre and post-natal fitness streaming app. I spend much of my focus on operations, hiring, and culture.

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6 to 10

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It's never too early to start documenting processes to make them more repeatable.


I've worked previously at multiple accelerators, including Techstars, so I'm happy to help discuss the pros and cons of joining a program and how to craft a pitch to that end. I can also help with structuring a hiring process, clear operations and communications on a team, and discuss building a remote culture.


I'd love to learn more about how to effectively scale an org from seed to series A and beyond, and I'd also like to learn from others about how they've charted a career course from the chief of staff role.