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Current Industry


Date Joined

December 11, 2020

Referred By

Andrew Cornelia

Andrew is VP, Chief of Staff at Volta Charging, a full-service Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging company based in San Francisco. Prior to Volta, Andrew was at Tesla, working across Finance and EV Charging, Commercial Solar, and Energy Storage. Outside of work, Andrew is the CFO of Young Professionals in Energy SF Bay Area, a group dedicated to all things clean energy, as well as a mentor for social entrepreneurs at the Miller Center's (Santa Clara University) "Global Social Benefit Institute" accelerator program.

When Andrew is not trying to super charge the adoption of EV's, you can find him on the trails training for his next 100 mile ultra trail race or trying to fake his way to becoming a sommelier.

Top Areas of Focus

Fundraising & Investor Relations
M&A / Corp Dev
Organizational Structure
People & Culture
Finance & Accounting
Exec Team Organization & Mgmt
Strategy & Planning

CoS Start Date

Jul 23, 2020

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Pro Tip

Talk to everyone at your company! No, seriously, everyone. Whether you are just starting out or whether you are 6-12 months in, you should try and carve out at least 30 mins of time with as many people as possible. Ask what they do, listen to how they contribute to the business, and ask a few pointed questions, like "what is the company strategy", "what is the company culture", "where are the headwinds", "who are the inspirational leaders", etc. There is no better way to paint a holistic picture of an organization than by talking to the sum of its parts. Once you have that picture, go to work with your C-Suite team on ways to highlight and foster the good, and systematically course correct the bad.