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Alek Hoyos

As a seasoned executive with a background in data analytics, I have consistently excelled in consulting within international markets, leading multidisciplinary projects, and establishing influential relationships with key stakeholders. During my effective tenure as Chief of Staff, I have driven operational efficiency, ensured seamless communication, and managed resources adeptly across various departments. Recognized as a distinguished and collaborative expert, my unparalleled communication skills have enabled me to engage C-level executives persuasively, acquire prospective clients successfully, and strategically guide technology entrepreneurs. My expertise encompasses integrating technology and refining processes to develop scalable models that enhance operational performance. My proficiency equips teams to deliver exceptional results within tight deadlines, demonstrating mastery of managing and executing challenging projects. Fun fact: I am a Polyglot.

Top Areas of Focus

Business Operations
Business Transformation / Org Change
Finance & Accounting
Legal & Complaince
M&A/ Corp Dev
Organizational Structure
People & Culture
Project Management
Strategy & Planning
Tech & Business Tools (Procurement)
Strategic Partnerships / BD

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Jan 6, 2020

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Four words: Humility, Maturity, Diplomacy, and Situational Sensitivity.


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