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Operations Manager

Remote-only company!
Apr 22, 2022
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Greetings, traveler. This is Andrew, CEO of Playmake.

Normally I have an HR person write these postings, but this one’s really important so I trapped them in a storm drain and decided to do it myself.

See, Ava (our CTO) and I are looking for an Operations Manager.

“The foundersss of Playmake? A Siri engineer and a Hasbro-published game designer, and their Roblox studio with 3.5 million monthly players? What need have sssuch as they of an Operationsss Manager?” burble the HR gremlins from their sloshy prison.

Well, gremlins, at root we're hiring for a traditional startup Operations Manager; the overriding goal is to understand the repeated processes and pipelines that the company executes (e.g. goal-setting, hiring, community management), push those processes forward (personally if necessary), and redesign them to make them better. To do this, you'll need to be:

  • Phenomenally organized. Kant wrote that “out of the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing was ever built.” He obviously never met you. For reasons other than his being dead.
  • Extremely self-directed. If you did that self-confidence exercise where people pay other people to dump them in the woods without a phone or wallet and find their way home, you’d be totally fine. Except we also need someone smart enough to never do that exercise.

This role does differ from most Operations roles in that you'll be handling a significant part of our communications and meetings with the world outside of Playmake. This includes imitating my voice in company correspondence. And what a voice it IIIIIIIIIIS

This means you'll need:

  • Razor-sharp written communication skills. Like the thing in anime where the villain looks all smug and unharmed after a sword stroke, but then they slowly fall apart in two pieces. Sharp!

We do need someone with minimum 4 years of operating experience in technology-related businesses (consumer apps! SaaS!) or technology-enabled businesses (no one has come up with a less silly acronym than DNVB but they definitely count) or that nebulous crèche of elite-school hatchlings known as "consulting and banking."

Why this minimum? In my view, the line between more- and less-experienced operations people is that the more-experienced people bring their own ideas of how to most usefully deploy time and focus, instead of working off of a queue of projects defined for them. That's only really possible if you have experience trying to actually get real organizations to do things; it's not like at the end of an MBA they tell you "OMG Ender, the 'case studies' were all secretly real businesses! You were really running Starbucks all along! You really did kill all the mom-and-pop coffee shops!" although wouldn't that be funny?

I'm sorry if I just spoiled Ender's Game for you.

Nice-to-have but not necessary:

  • Passionate about games
  • Experience with data analysis

Why would you want this job??? This sounds like admin work!!! Well, here is the secret, my friend. The Human Genome Project was merely a front so the Federal Reserve could wait hold on that’s the wrong secret. The secret is: Running a team, and building a company, is mostly communication and organization. And the best way to learn is by shadowing someone as they do it.

*steeples fingers* *cackles* *spins globe while smirking*

So you're in, right?

Yours truly,

Andrew Cedotal

CEO, Playmake

Who are we?

Playmake is dedicated to making the best games on Roblox.

Our mission is to learn, better than anyone else, what this emerging audience wants. The best games in this new world – uniquely 3D, multiplayer, and casual – are just waiting to be discovered.

We’re growing fast. Our flagship game, Murder Party, is played by 3.5 million players a month; we more than tripled our playerbase in the past 12 months.

We decentralize decision-making as much as possible, giving individual team members latitude to prioritize, design, and implement their own projects.

We are fully remote, with team members on 4 continents. You can work from anywhere with an Internet connection.

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