Chief of Staff

Paris, Île-de-France, France
Hybrid ✅
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Jan 6, 2024

🗒️ Missions

Reporting to Beastly MD we are looking for a self-starter who’s not afraid to work with our teams to help shape the company's future.

The role will be tailored collaboratively with the MD based on your profile and business priorities & needs.

• Act as a sparring partner to the MD, providing him support with his day-to-day missions.

• Efficiently manage ExCom & Board meetings, including setting the agenda, monitoring deadlines, preparing materials, and ensuring follow-up actions.

• Communication and Collaboration: Enhance the efficiency of our leadership by refining processes, ensuring clear communication, and cascading initiatives at all levels.

• Oversee strategic meetings and ensure that teams implement key initiatives and decisions effectively.

• Assist in preparing budgets and roadmaps.

• Foster coordination and alignment between all our departments.

• Kick-start and oversee cross-functional projects from 0 to 1.

• Perform ad hoc analyses on various strategic topics, hand-in-hand with concerned departments.

• Contribute to Beastly’s development.

• Growth and Scaling: Assist in structuring and scaling the company to meet future demands, identifying potential areas of expansion.

• Create synergies between Beastly and its startup ecosystem.

👉 Your profile

• At least 3 years of experience at a renowned consulting firm in Finance (M&A, Private Equity, VC) or a leadership position at a startup

• A degree from a top-tier university or Business School in Marketing, Business, or related field

• Proven expertise in strategic planning and execution.

• Strategic Thinking: you know how to analyze complex situations and provide innovative solutions to achieve goals.

• Hands-On Approach: you are willing to be actively involved in all aspects of the execution of a project and know how to roll up your sleeves when needed.

• Project Management: you know how to lead the work of a project team to achieve defined goals with specific constraints (resources, deadlines…) from initiation to completion.

• Influential Communication: you know how to impact a person’s thoughts and actions when interacting with them at all organizational levels.

• Flexibility: you know how to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and easily navigate ambiguity.

• KPI-driven

• Fluent in French and English

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Apply before: 
Jan 6, 2024
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