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Traversing CoS > People Ops


Al-Husein Madhany


Jun 1, 2021

Traversing CoS > People Ops

Al-Husein Madhany is not your traditional HR Leader. With a deep experience in high tech companies having previously served as a Chief of Staff at both PayPal and Facebook, Al-Husein is now the Head of People Operations at Moveworks.ai.

Al-Husein shared his views on the importance of HR leaders in the workplace, particularly during the last 18 months of incredibly turbulent times for companies and their employees. Al-Husein shared his philosophy focusing on two key words he uses to define his work:

  1. ) Shame (14:44): HR Leaders are in a unique position to increase or decrease shame, often working with people in some of their most vulnerable states.
  2. Grace (18:45): How do you approach people as a conscientious leader.

What it takes to be a great HR Leader

  • Always being prepared for the unexpected (22:14)
  • Be able to influence others (without direct managerial authority) (22:57)
  • Strive to balance consistency with customization (23:55)
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