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Strategic Business Planning

Strategic Business Planning

As a former Bain consultant, Chief of Staff and now Head of Strategic Initiatives, Maxine has run numerous strategic planning sessions with executive teams at all types of companies. There is no single way to do long-term planning for your business, but there are certainly some best practices to follow when it comes to setting up the process, doing the research, getting buy-in from stakeholders, running an effective off-site, and communicating and implementing the key decisions.

Some key highlights that Maxine presented on:

The key steps to producing a multi-year strategic roadmap

  1. Vision
  2. Business Model
  3. Growth Opportunities
  4. Evaluation Criteria
  5. Opportunity Evaluation
  • A framework and the types of outputs that might emerge from your 1:1 conversations and offsite sessions that allow you to visually construct the key roadmap planning steps above.
  • An illustrative timeline of planning and running this framework
  • A detailed description and agenda of an exec offsite that Maxine has used successfully at 3 different organizations.