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New Slack Channels - Updated Jan 17 2024



Feb 5, 2024


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New Slack Channels - Updated Jan 17 2024


We got survey feedback from members saying that, as the community has grown, it's become hard to keep track of #ask-for-help. Many people said the channel can be overwhelming and unfocused. We heard this feedback loud and clear.

We're launching some focused channels for recurring themes and issues. We’ll keep #ask-for-help as a place for general discussion and questions that don’t fit in any of the below channels.

We know it will take some time for everyone to build new habits and bootstrap lively conversation in each channel, so we'll help point conversation to the right place.

We'd also appreciate if you could politely show other members the right home for their conversation if needed and do your best to answer questions that might come up in channels that are relevant to your expertise. We'll be adding members to the relevant channels proactively in the coming days and weeks.

Topic Focused:

#ask-offsites - for any questions or discussion related to company / exec offsites and retreats

#ask-okrs-kpis - for any topics related to OKRs and KPIs

#ask-finance - for discussion of financial topics, such as budgeting, forecasting, spreadsheet models, etc.

#ask-people-hr - for all HR questions, such as benefits, payroll, benchmarks, finding contractors

#bizops-strategy - for BizOps and Strategy topics such as GTM motion, data analysis, pricing, process improvement, and M&A

Experience Level Focused:

#level-1-2 - for Associate / Jr. Manager level members

#level-3 - for Manager / Sr. Manager level members

#level-4-5 - for Director / Exec level members

Company Size Focused:

#ask-startups - for preseed, seed, Series A - B companies, or those with <= 100 in headcount

#ask-mid-stage - for Series C+ companies or those with 100 - 1000 in headcount

#ask-enterprise - for post-IPO companies or those with 1000+ in headcount

Please reach out to us at hi@chiefofstaff.network if you have any questions!