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Navigating Job Interviews: Insights and Lessons Learned

Navigating Job Interviews: Insights and Lessons Learned


Job interviews can be both exciting and nerve-wracking experiences. In a recent discussion, Abby Owens shared her confusing encounter during a job interview, where doubts were raised about her fit for the role based on the size of her previous employers. Professionals chimed in with their insights, offering advice and reflecting on their own experiences. This blog post explores the valuable lessons learned from this discussion to help job seekers navigate interviews with confidence and clarity.

Understanding the Interviewer's Perspective: Abby Owens recounted her interview experience, where the interviewer expressed doubt about her fit for the role due to the size of her previous employers. This situation led to a discussion about the previous Chief of Staff (COS) and the interviewer's desire to "fix" things. Insights from professionals shed light on the interviewer's perspective:

  1. Maturity and Company Size: Lindsey O'Sullivan suggested that the revenue question and doubts about fit could be related to the company's maturity. Companies at different stages of growth may have varying requirements and expectations for their employees.
  2. Experience with Smaller Companies: Samantha Dabek shared her own experience of being questioned about her fit due to her background with smaller companies. This highlights the importance of conveying the value and transferable skills gained from working in diverse organizational settings.

Navigating the Interview Process: Professionals offered advice and suggestions to navigate job interviews successfully:

  1. Seek Clarification: Lindsey O'Sullivan emphasized the importance of asking for more information about the situation with the previous COS. This can help gain insights into the organization's needs and expectations.
  2. Update the Job Description: Peter Jones suggested offering to re-write or update the job description to gain clarity about the role. Observing the response can provide valuable insights into the organization's openness to discussion and alignment.
  3. Trust Your Instincts: Michelle Banham advised trusting one's instincts and asking pointed questions to multiple people within the organization. This approach can help gather diverse perspectives and assess cultural fit.

Lessons Learned and Decision Making: The discussion concluded with Abby Owens sharing that despite receiving an offer, she declined due to multiple red flags. This underscores the importance of carefully evaluating job opportunities and considering factors beyond the initial interview.


Job interviews can be complex and multifaceted experiences. By understanding the interviewer's perspective, seeking clarification, updating job descriptions, trusting instincts, and carefully evaluating offers, job seekers can navigate interviews with confidence and make informed decisions about their career paths. Remember, each interview is a learning opportunity, and with the right mindset and preparation, the right fit will come along.