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Navigating the Hiring Process and Streamlining Corporate Travel

Navigating the Hiring Process and Streamlining Corporate Travel


As companies evolve and grow, so do the challenges they face in building a dynamic and efficient team. Hiring the right professionals who can tackle critical client issues while taking on diverse responsibilities can be a puzzle in itself. In this blog post, we delve into the insights shared by our vibrant CoS community on how to find the perfect candidate for a multifaceted role and explore recommendations for optimizing corporate travel management.

Part 1: The Search for the Ideal Role - A Collaborative Endeavor In the journey of building a strong team, defining job roles becomes a pivotal aspect. Quyen B, one of our valued community members, sought feedback on hiring for a role that demands a unique blend of data expertise and client-facing prowess. Members enthusiastically chimed in with valuable suggestions, providing a wealth of job titles that encompassed the role's essence.

  • Karen Situ proposed titles like solutions architect, technical account manager, product specialist, and product support, which aptly capture the role's dual focus on data and client interaction.
  • Ethan Senack highlighted that partner success managers could potentially fit the bill, depending on the team structure and scope of responsibilities.

Part 2: Insights from Experience - The Key to Informed Decisions Drawing from their experiences, community members shared their success stories in hiring for similar roles and the titles they adopted.

  • Manaan Alexander suggested considering a junior financial analyst with the title "Deployment Lead," showcasing how unconventional job titles can attract the right talent.
  • Jay Krause recounted their positive experience of hiring for a role similar to the one in question, reinforcing the idea that aligning the role with the team's needs is critical.

Part 3: Streamlining Corporate Travel - Maximizing Efficiency and Savings Corporate travel management can often be a complex and resource-consuming task. Seeking insights into the best corporate card options, Quyen B inquired about alternatives to optimize travel expense handling.

  • Katie Yang highly recommended Navan for both travel management and corporate cards, highlighting its ease of use and efficiency.
  • Allie Yeakey presented Divvy corporate cards as another viable alternative, offering flexibility and seamless expense tracking.


The CoS community's vibrant exchange of ideas and experiences has shed light on the crucial aspects of hiring for a multifaceted role and optimizing corporate travel management. From exploring job titles that encapsulate the role's essence to discovering streamlined corporate card solutions, our collective knowledge is a powerful asset in navigating these challenges effectively. By embracing the wisdom shared within our network, companies can foster growth, efficiency, and success in their journey forward. Together, we stand stronger, united by our passion for progress and mutual support.