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Mastering OKR and Project Management

Mastering OKR and Project Management


As Chief of Staffs, tracking Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and efficiently managing projects are essential aspects of ensuring organizational success. In the ever-evolving landscape of management tools, the CoS community has gathered to share their experiences and offer valuable recommendations on top-notch platforms for OKR and project management. Let's explore the tools that have garnered praise for their effectiveness and seamless integration into the daily workflows of these accomplished professionals.

  1. Asana: A Versatile Project Management Solution Heather Saldinger, a seasoned member of our CoS community, swears by Asana for project management, finding its user-friendly interface and extensive features suitable for tracking OKRs and ensuring company-wide visibility. Additionally, Heather advocates for using 15Five for enhanced company insight.
  2. Qatalog: An Integrated Management Platform Marta Kutt adds her endorsement for Qatalog, an integrated solution that streamlines OKR tracking and project management, bringing cohesion to organizational tasks and objectives.
  3. Paycor: A Trusted Resource for Project Management Michelle Banham speaks of her positive experience with Paycor, a reliable tool for project management, which has significantly contributed to her team's productivity and success.
  4. 15Five and Jira: The Perfect Combination Shihab Shahriar highlights the power of 15Five for managing OKRs and Jira for ongoing projects, demonstrating how a well-rounded approach can lead to optimal results.
  5. Airtable: Uniting Project Management and OKR Tracking Melissa Fichera relies on Airtable, a flexible database tool that seamlessly integrates with Google Sheets and Slides, offering a holistic solution for both project management and OKR tracking.
  6. Google Sheets: A Simple Yet Effective OKR Tracker Rachel (Charatan) Krausz attests to the simplicity and effectiveness of using Google Sheets to track OKRs, proving that sometimes the simplest solutions can be the most efficient.
  7. Quantive and Elate: Streamlining OKR Management Raquel Horta is currently tracking OKRs in Google Sheets but exploring Quantive and Elate as potential alternatives, showcasing how these platforms can enhance OKR management and streamline processes.


The CoS community is a treasure trove of knowledge and experience, and when it comes to OKR tracking and project management, they have provided a wealth of valuable insights. From established tools like Asana and 15Five to integrative platforms like Qatalog and Airtable, each Chief of Staff has found unique solutions that align with their organization's needs and foster efficiency.

As you navigate the realm of OKR and project management tools, consider these recommendations from our esteemed CoS community. Whether you seek user-friendly interfaces, integrated solutions, or seamless tracking, these top tools have earned their spot in the hearts of experienced Chief of Staffs. As you embark on your management journey, remember that the right tool can make all the difference in achieving your organization's goals and driving success.

With the shared wisdom of our CoS community, you can confidently select the tools that align with your unique needs and propel your organization towards unparalleled achievements. Embrace the power of efficient OKR tracking and project management, and let your expertise as a Chief of Staff shine as you lead your team to new heights of success.