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Crafting a Memorable Leadership Offsite: Team-Building and Compensation Considerations

Crafting a Memorable Leadership Offsite: Team-Building and Compensation Considerations


Organizing a leadership offsite can be both exciting and challenging. It's an opportunity to foster team cohesion, build relationships, and strategize for success. However, finding the right agenda and team-building activities can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with a mix of experienced and new members. Additionally, considerations about raises, bonuses, and compensation philosophy within the current economic climate add another layer of complexity. In this blog post, we delve into the insightful suggestions shared by professionals in a Slack thread, offering valuable guidance for planning a successful leadership offsite.

Sanjna Malpani's Query:

Sanjna Malpani sought recommendations for a sample leadership offsite agenda and team-building activities suitable for a group of 14 people, with 8 new members joining the leadership group. She also expressed an interest in gathering insights on raises, bonuses, and compensation philosophy, taking into account the current economic climate.

Suggestion 1:

The Lean Version of "36 Questions for Increasing Closeness": Felix Heck expressed his belief that traditional team-building exercises for senior leadership may not yield the desired results. Instead, he recommended a lean version of the "36 questions for increasing closeness." This approach allows participants to overcome barriers and get to know each other on a deeper level. By fostering meaningful connections and open dialogue, the team can establish a foundation of trust and understanding.

Suggestion 2:

Gathering Guides by Priya Parker: Sonia Sidhu suggested exploring the gathering guides created by Priya Parker as a valuable resource for inspiration when planning team-building activities. These guides provide insights into creating transformative and engaging experiences that go beyond the ordinary. By infusing purpose and intention into the offsite activities, leaders can forge stronger bonds and meaningful connections.

Considerations for Raises, Bonuses, and Compensation Philosophy:

While no specific suggestions were shared within the Slack thread, the importance of considering the current economic climate when discussing compensation was acknowledged. It is crucial to align compensation decisions with the financial health of the organization, market trends, and overall business strategy. Balancing fair compensation with motivating incentives and rewards can help foster a positive and productive leadership culture.


Planning a leadership offsite requires careful consideration of both team-building activities and compensation philosophy. By adopting alternative approaches, such as the lean version of "36 questions for increasing closeness," leaders can create opportunities for meaningful connections among team members. Additionally, utilizing resources like Priya Parker's gathering guides can spark creativity and inspiration when designing engaging activities. As for raises, bonuses, and compensation, it's essential to strike a balance between the organization's financial health and motivating rewards. The suggestions shared by professionals in the Slack thread provide valuable insights to guide the planning process and ensure a memorable and productive leadership offsite.