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Discover Your Leadership Style: Top Free Assessment Tools Recommended by CoS Community Experts

Discover Your Leadership Style: Top Free Assessment Tools Recommended by CoS Community Experts


Leadership style plays a crucial role in shaping an individual's approach to management and decision-making. As aspiring and seasoned leaders seek to understand their unique leadership traits, the CoS community has come together to share valuable insights on free leadership style assessment tools. In this blog post, we explore the recommended platforms that offer valuable self-reflection and team dynamics insights.

  1. Cloverleaf: Unleashing Leadership Potential Rahul Desai, a respected member of our CoS community, suggests using Cloverleaf, a comprehensive platform that provides a free 2-week trial featuring various leadership tests. This tool allows leaders to explore their strengths and potential areas for growth.
  2. DiSC and PrinciplesYou: Unlocking Leadership Insights Kelli Niewohner, an expert in leadership development, recommends the DiSC assessment tool, which offers valuable insights into team dynamics. Additionally, she mentions PrinciplesYou, a new platform spearheaded by renowned organizational psychologist Adam Grant, known for its emphasis on individual self-reflection.
  3. Insights Discovery: Enhancing Team Workshops Ivan Au, another esteemed member of our CoS community, echoes the value of PrinciplesYou and emphasizes its free nature, which enables leaders to access detailed reports on optimizing teamwork efficiency. He also recommends the Insights Discovery tool for team workshops.
  4. Leadership Pizza: A Unique Perspective Diana Khramina shares an intriguing website called Leadership Pizza, which offers a unique approach to understanding leadership styles. This resource could be an interesting addition to a leader's self-reflection journey.
  5. Leveraging Certified Partners for Comprehensive Assessments Dora Nagy provides a wealth of insights, highlighting the value of PrinciplesYou for individual self-reflection, DiSC for team dynamics, and Insights Discovery for workshops. She advises leaders to seek certified partners for comprehensive assessments and recommends shorter sessions that are equally impactful.


Discovering and understanding one's leadership style is a transformative journey that leads to personal growth and enhanced managerial effectiveness. Thanks to the generous contributions of our CoS community, we have compiled a list of top free leadership style assessment tools that cater to different aspects of leadership development. From Cloverleaf's comprehensive trial to PrinciplesYou's individual self-reflection insights and Insights Discovery's team dynamics focus, leaders now have a diverse range of resources at their disposal.

As you embark on your leadership exploration, consider leveraging these valuable tools to gain deep insights into your leadership strengths, areas for improvement, and team dynamics. Remember that self-reflection is a continuous process, and with the guidance of these assessment platforms, you can lead with greater confidence and empathy. Empower yourself with the knowledge to become the best leader you can be and continue to contribute to our thriving CoS community as we collectively strive for excellence in leadership and management.