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Zaharo Tsekouras

I have dual experience as an investor and operator (EIR) at a venture studio. At our venture firm as part of the investment team, I performed due diligence for investment opportunities, led our firm's first consumer tech investment, and led the Series Seed fundraise for one of our portfolio companies. As an operator, I designed and implemented various business strategies at our firm and portfolio companies, including digital transformation initiatives to improve deal flow quantity, quality, and triage, email marketing campaigns, and dashboard implementation to track metrics. My strengths include a creative approach to solving problems, resourcefulness, and the ability to identify business processes for improvement.

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Jul 26, 2021

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3 to 5

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Build relationships and trust with team members within your Principal's sphere of influence


Areas of expertise: venture capital, diligence, strategy


I hope to learn best practices from people who have been in the CoS role for many years as I embark on my first CoS role.