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April 30, 2021

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I do not have a referral, but I have been following along on Medium for some time.


I studied History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health at Yale and am passionate about healthcare tech. I started working in client onboarding and enterprise relationship management, then pivoted my career to be at the intersection of product and operations.

As Chief of Staff, my day-to-day responsibilities require strong program management, adept product and people sense to lead strategic initiatives, and effective communication. I run a tight ship with recurring team processes and meetings (department all hands, leadership and management forums, OKR process, staffing planning, etc.), spearhead building and stabilizing new processes (governance forums, people and performance management, etc.), represent Product across the organization (DI&B task force, quality committee, etc.), partner effectively with other departments, and also manage our Executive Assistant. While I wear many hats, I am anchored by my love for my executive and our department, always looking for ways to better advocate, provide leverage, and support them.

Top Areas of Focus

Performance Development
Internal Comms
Exec Team Organization & Mgmt
Strategy & Planning

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Mar 1, 2019

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Be an empathetic confidant to not only your executive, but also the broader organization.


My areas of expertise align with where my department has needed the most leverage - strategy planning and corresponding organizational design, performance and people management, and leadership governance/processes/communications.


I hope to tap into and contribute to a support system with other CoS, apply and discuss frameworks around phases of company-building and growth (my company is preparing for IPO), and understand and optimize my personal career trajectory and how my CoS role fits into it. I’d love to learn from this community, not only to understand where I could take my career in the future, but also because it is not as natural to receive internal mentorship and learning and development for this role. My executive has never operated as a CoS, and by design of the role, there are only a couple other people who can be CoS at Oscar Health.



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